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  • Our Pet Pictures

    Note: as with the "Names to Faces" thread, non-photo posts are periodically removed from this thread. The general discussion posts can be found here.

    Here's the place to post pictures of your pets... I'll even go first.

    Over the past 5 years I have rescued 27 cats. I make sure that they get complete medical care, and once they are happy and healthy I find them homes. Sort of like a mini-shelter, only with no donations...

    I have 9 cats that are my own.

    Top row: Melina, Stephanie, Splash
    2nd row: Sigmund, Tabitha, Tyrael
    3rd row: Imrik, Kerianseray, Martell

    a shot of the group at dinnertime:

    and this is their bedroom:
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    Here's a picture of my dog Dalai Lama - (I call her Dolly, or Dolla Dolla Bill Yall) She is sitting on her chair - no one else sits on that chair, it's doll's chair and sometimes she spends the night on it!

    Here she is again on the chair.

    And here is my cat (who is scared of the camera I found out) hiding under a chair in our entry way... Her name is Bella (or as I like to call her Fatty LaBelle)

    Those are my pets!
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      These are my co-workers, Climber (16 yr. old cat) & Trooper (14 yrs.). When not in the office with me, they live outside on the farm. They are waiting at my office door every morning. I should just give them keys.


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        He lurves the treats...

        The infamous pug pant...
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          Love it!

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        My wifes dog. Her name is Nala

        (yes my wife just watched the Lion King 1-1/2 when she just named her dog.)

        1/2 Shih Tzu, 1/2 Poodle (poo-sh*t, or sh*t-poo)

        She acts like a cat, chasing laser pens.
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          OK, here's Max when he was cute and didn't bite my wife all the time!
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            Now I just gotta find some pix of my cats.


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              here's banshee in the snow


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                Here are my three cats:

                This is Bella. She's the princess of the house. She was the first cat my wife and I adopted, and we got her as a kitten in March of 2001. All she thinks about is food.

                This is Daphne, but we usually call her Daffy. She's the den mother and watch cat. She's also the clumsiest cat I've ever seen, and the biggest chicken. We don't know how old she is, because we adopted her as an adult in December 2001, and the shelter didn't know how old she was. She's also the only lap cat of the three.

                This is Escher, named so because he is black and white. We got him as a kitten in the summer of 2004, and he's the comic relief of the bunch (we almost named him Kramer, after the character on Seinfeld). Most of the photos we have of him are blurry (like this one) because when he is awake, he never sits still.


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                  the crew enjoying the weather:

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                    Seem to be a lot of fellow cat lovers here so I decided to put up a few of my guys...Boots is the grey one, he is still here but the white one his girlfriend Sasha did not take to kindly to the new baby and had to find a new home...they had a litter together and one of these days I will throw some of the kittens up...great shots from day 1....

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                      The big brown guy (my BABY) died Feb. 14. The little guy is one of our rescues, that is the smartest animal I have ever owned.
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                        New member of the family

                        Presenting our new pup (9 months) Cooper!

                        of course, our other dog Shelby isn't quite sure about sharing his toys yet.
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                          Cooper is beautiful Vik!

                          Here's a recent one of our little guy:

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                            these are precious! Grats on the new baby, Viki! Gman, that is adorable.

                            oh, here's a shot of most of the gang birdwatching.

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