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  • Hello Darkness My Old Friend...

    ...I've come to talk with you again.

    I'm not new, but I've been gone awhile, grown a lot, changed a ton, matured only slightly, and have become (somewhat) responsible now that I have little mouths to feed.

    I'm back to re-familiarize myself since my job has had me removed from design/prepress functions for almost a decade.

    I've recently found my way back to a hands-on role of file prep and color management in a large retail marketing dept. I'm responsible for sending all creative files out to our network of printers, so I will likely need to lean on creative folks again from time to time, because I'm rusty but peddling fast to get back up to speed.

    Hope everyone is doing well, hope to see some familiar faces, and hope everyone has a great holiday.

    Hip Hop just died this morning.

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    Wow, a blast from the past!
    Not a lot of the old crew left here. The last forum update was so buggy, most just up and left.

    Best thing you can do, and have probably already done, is reach out to your vendor network and get the updated specs from them. Talk with them, visit if possible. Lots of changes in pre-press over the last couple years. Mostly Adobe making things more difficult. LOL.


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      Awesome advice PrintDriver - nice to see you again. I've talked with a couple of them - but not at length yet. I've been in the role since the end of Sept and am finally starting to settle in and feel comfortable again. (Had to learn the company-specific processes first).

      Our current proofing setup is running (2) Epson 7900's driven by Fiery XF and GRACOL managed.

      It's a shame that a bunch of old-timers left, I've already noticed the forum seems to be a bit, uhhh... clunky? It still seems to be fairly active though. Did someone set up a new forum for designers elsewhere?
      Hip Hop just died this morning.






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