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  • Hello! It's a pleasure to join

    I'm a full time Graphic Design student (my 50th birthday present to me) and it is a dream come true.

    I love it all and I'm looking forward to learning by listening, and asking when I need to. I'm taking Photoshop and InDesign along with Photography, Design 1 and Drawing. My biggest challenge right now is my grey value scale(11) for Design 1 (I do love the guache my instructor required) My background is working with fabric, so I understand color. I'm going for perfect increments because training my eye to see it will be invaluable. I'm just not there yet...I'm enjoying the process...InDesign is online and that's a bit tricky. The program is brand new to me, and I know I'm spending hours on things that should be easier...Our book is Revealed, I use the Help a lot but I'd love a couple of reference library referrals to add to my stash. Thanks, and I'll try to be less verbose and more concise...

    I'm just really glad to be here!
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    Welcome to the forum svd, and congratulations on being able to pursue your dream.

    You'll find a lot of invaluable advice on here. Check the Adobe products section often, use the forum search for InDesign, and definitely check out this link: InDesign Secrets.

    If you have iTunes, there are also some good podcasts on InDesign that you can check out, and the Adobe InDesign forum is also a good place to go for resources.

    Good luck, and once again, welcome!
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      welcome svd, glad to have you here.
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        Let me see you make decisions without your televisions.

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          Welcome Aboard svc!!

          Great to meet you!!
          Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.

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            *Karibu* GDF SVD.

            *Welcome* in KiSwahili.

            It's nice you still get to do what you've always wanted. I still hope to get a private pilot licence someday...and maybe own a small plane.
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              welcome aboard! I think you'll like it here - this is a great place to learn, as well as to get crazy with other designers from all over the world.
              "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                Hi svd, welcome to the forum.






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