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Already posted around a little but thought I'd introduce myself :)

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  • Already posted around a little but thought I'd introduce myself :)

    Firstly my names Loccy Im 20 years old and from Australia

    I don't really know how to talk about myself so I really would prefer not to :P Im not sure if were allowed to link to social networking sites on here but I'm always open to talking on twitter/facebook.

    If anyone is amazingly great at typography and minimalism, I would love to be your right hand man and leech off you talent.
    Im trying. Be gentle.

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    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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      Welcome Loccy the Leech.

      I'm not the guy you want to fix your sucker to, but I can think of a few where it would probably work for you -- if you get them in the right mood and have some persuasive 'tricks' up your sleeve.

      Bacon, beer, scotch. It doesn't take much, really. (I'd save the boobies for something really big)


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        Well then we have a lucky coincidence! I just bought a kilo of bacon and a carton of beer today! Plus I have three bottles of scotch in my secret storage area.

        As for the boobs though... We may have a problem there... Last time I checked (3 minutes ago actually) I didn't have any
        Im trying. Be gentle.


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          No problem. We accept rented substitutes.


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            This is the best I can offer. And you better appreciate that, because I had to wade through ALOT of porn to find them. I tried just 'fake boobs' and upon realising my mistake I tried 'fake boobs toy' and that just made things a lot worse -.-
            Im trying. Be gentle.


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              Oh my. Quick... time to neutralize!


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                Originally posted by Bob View Post
                Oh my. Quick... time to neutralize!

                Oh wow. Upon first glance I thought that was a poster supporting gay marriage

                Where did you find such a delight?
                Im trying. Be gentle.


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                  Breastfeeding is a wonderful natural thing. Somehow that painting fails to capture it though.


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                    And its coming from the centre of the chest too...
                    Im trying. Be gentle.






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