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so... What do you guys DO???

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    Well, I'm going to sound boring compared to a lot of people here.

    I'm self employed, a little one-person graphic design company that (I hope) one day expands to need an actual office and an employee. I have two magazines in the Tampa Bay area that I design cover to cover (including ads). In the past I designed a full-colore newspaper (which has since gone crappy ever since my direction over it ceased - and anyone I come across who is familiar with the paper tells me so too), a few other magazines, and helped start another small paper.

    The magazines have decided to come with me in my recent (like last week) move to N. Georgia, and so have a couple of my bigger advertising clients. I also have a newspaper in Brandon that wants me to do all of their new ads, since their artist isn't very good at concepts, but can make changes once the concept has been done and approved.

    I can empathise with a lot of people here though - I used to be a corporate monkey for the Tampa Tribune, where I got to enjoy car ads out the yin-yang, and all other sorts of ads and once in a great while, actually got a fun project. Maybe two in two years. Before that I worked for a national but lousy magazine - since I have just called them lousy I won't name them.

    I will say - I am a lot happier now I am on my own. I discovered I make about the same money as I did while employed - once you deduct the cost of gas, work appropriate clothes, lunches and snacks my 28K job was actually making me 14K. Well, before I bought myself a new laptop, scanner, digital camera, printer and external hard drive - I made 14K last year. And I never have to leave the house.

    I would encourage anyone who knows they have the gumption to get a couple of good clients and quit the corporate crap. Corporations rarely appreciate us or what we do, and some of these small businesses I do work for have given me greater thanks than I ever got at the Trib.

    The big drawback to being self-employed an having no other artist next to me? I don't learn many new tricks in the programs. That's what I hang around here for. But it still isn't the same as watching another talented person take a crappy bit of informatuion, and see how they design an ad, a new layout idea, etc. It gets lonely in that sense. I can look at design magazines and see a cool ad and clip it out for my cheat book ... but it isn't the same as seeing it done.

    when it comes to certain clients, remind yourself:
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      creative director in charge of art dep. for a media company
      basically we handle all of the materials to go out of our marketing dep. (and believe you me there're plenty), trade and other ad campaigns, press and media releases, online content, etc. I also get to bring in, supervise and consult outside vendors on TV/cinema event projects that are either too big or non-specific to marketing.
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        My role has evolved several times as the design services group at vistaprint has changed. I started out designing on templates, then changed roles to a premium designer doing all print work ranging from stationary, logos, and direct mail...this has now evolved to me becoming a sales rep and designer as they look to find out what will make more orders go thru the door.

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          This is a great idea - I often wonder about peoples' backgrounds.

          I am currently Graphic Designer for the RAF. I work at RAF Boulmer with about 1000 people, no planes are flown from here (before anyone asks). I'm responsible for producing anything from colour print-outs of Excel spreadsheets to annual reports for the entire station, for in-house purposes (station-wdie and RAF-wide), and for the public. Posters, leaflets, brochures, teaching aids, adverts, newsletters, programmes, reports. It's a great mix, unfortunately more heavy on the rubbishy jobs.

          My new job (starting on Monday), will be Science Communications Coordinator, for the University of Teesside I'm not really sure what I'll be doing, but it sounds like a cool title! Only kidding!! It's tough to figure out exactly what I'll be doing day to day til I get there, but the job description told me I'd be creating, organising and presenting science based activities for those in primary and secondary school. It's part of an initiative to make science more interesting and exciting, in the hope of rekindling science subjects at university level. More and more students are heading into 'softer' and social sciences. But I could just end up photocopying! I'm hoping that I'll get to do some graphic design stuff, but no promises, adn that I'll make some contacts in the university to possibly head into lecturing at some point.

          Searching for creative juices


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            Everything... people come into the office and I do what they want. From conception to the end result. all types of materials. I don't think there isn't anything I haven't played around with here.

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              I work in production as a preflighter/print manager/production tech in the graphics department of a 120,000 square foot custom fabrication shop. We build Museum exhibits, trade show booths, real theatre, corporate theatre, signage, artistic stuff for commissioned artists, themed environments (malls, restaurants, etc), you name it...we do it.

              PD is a grande format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing


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                i am the senior designer/art director for a large Tanning lotion manufacture's graphic department.
                we handle all of their marketing necessities, i.e. make all the borchures, catalogs, magazine ads, P.O.P. displays, Websites and inovative package design that sells.



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                  I like this thread. I shall make it a sticky.
                  Last edited by morea; 01-17-2006, 08:55 AM.
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                    Director of Electronics Visual Branding for an established retail giant here in the U.S. Duties include utilization of 100% of my design talenttowardsproduction of marketing materials to ensure maximum sales, working with the most highly advanced technology available, working for some of the most adeptclients in the midwest,and have at least twenty people working underneath me who are all very competent individuals who do not need supervision. The pay is pretty good too, more than enough to make a living and pay off student loans. This is probably the best job I've ever had and I won't be leaving anytime soon.

                    Happy April 1st!
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                      I currently work as a Purchasing Assistant to the Purchasing Manager for Marineland of Canada. We are the only 2 in the purchasing department. We buy everything from fish and medicain for the whales to the ketchup in the restaurants.
                      Right now I am designing the new fry cup print for our new restaurant up on the hill.. it's called the Sky Grill.

                      Otherwise, my design, I have my own part time business.. called Q-Line Designs. It's going pretty good so far. Slow, but then again, it's part time. I don't want it to get too much busier.

                      I used to work in a print shop and did amost what defjoe does... from concept to finished product. What ever it was... I figured out how to do it. Just wish I found this site a long time ago.. when I needed to learn how to do new things... I did it the hard way.. trial and error.


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                        I do almost exactly what Morea does. "Marketing Director" for a Life Insurance Agency in New Mexico and West Texas. Pretty much in house designer, brochures, trade booths, flyers, presentation folders,monthly newsletter,etc. Always stuck with the same logo and same colors, kinda sucks. On the bright side, Im designing for a living. Not too bad. Also do market analysis strategic marketing, segmentation, and participate in management decisions.

                        used to do freelance, mainly billboards. Printed/produced em too.

                        One day I will paint for a living...


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                          Ain't it funny how some of our regular jobs are totally diff. from design

                          My schedule is pretty crazy these days, full time job is at a custom car audio shop. Yeah that whole pimp my ride thing, thats what i do. At least it keeps the creative juices flowing. A part time student, actually a returning student. My first go around i went for electrical engineering. Got a sweet internship with D.O.D. and slowly realized that i really wasn't that crazy about it to begin with, yeah i was good at it, but to do it day in and out, nooooo thank you. So, i'm going back for graphic design now, probably what i should have done to begin with. I also volunteer part time with local fire department on their dive and rescue team, which takes 2weekends a month right there. Any free time i get, i am trying to learn everything i can of this whole process.

                          Tip'm back!!!


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                            I work for is owned by (formerly Hotel Reservation Network), and is owned by Inter Active Corp (formerly known as USA Interactive, a division of USA Networks) - Soon to be spun off as Expedia. So it will be Expedia > > - Clear so far?

                            Anyhow, I design for pretty much anything that falls under our corporate umbrella. Mainly it deals with and, and that tends to mostly be web work. I've been here 5 years.

                            I've been in the field of design for about 10 years, I've taught a for credit college class on design (not bad considering I only have a HS diploma), written once for Photoshop User Magazine, been quoted by Metacreations in their promotional materials for KPT X, and helped with three of their Photoshop certification tests. There have been a few other things 'noteable' over the years as well, but those are most of the ones that give me warm fuzzies when I look back on them. (At least, design related)

                            I still teach some continuing education classes occasionally and we're working on the Photoshop CS test for Brainbench right now.

                            So, pretty much no-body from no-where you've likely never heard of before.

                            It's been good to find you all here. Nice group.

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                              Cool thread!

                              My official title is: 'Interactive Communications Designer' and I work for the CLASS project ( and also the biology dept at wright state there (remove the /class). I basically do everything from web to print and lots of inbetween. And of course, working in the science (AND education) industry, I am up to my neck with faculty who LOVE to print large posters from PowerPoint. {gag}

                              In the meantime, I'm working on getting my own little freelance design gig going. Mainly specializing in the equine industry, as I have a very 'horsey' background. It's called 'Cowgirl Expressions' ( ....

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                                Hey C.E.

                                That Powerpoint comment really hits home. I work for the National Institute of Standards in there Visual Arts Department and we survive on printing .ppt files for clients. Major problem...most of our clients are scientists (very smart people but designers they are not).

                                With that said my work here is quite gratifying. Lots of specialized design work. Report covers, brochures, large format digital printing, logo design, etc. I'm also in charge of all signage on campus here. Dimensional signs, ADA compliant signs, free standing lobby directories, engraving. Seems like it's something different every day. Keeps it fresh though.






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