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so... What do you guys DO???

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    Graphics & Marketing Manager for a pooty architects (good marketing eh?) however I handed in my notice two weeks ago cause I got a fab job working for an advertising agency starting end of April. Do you know what my current employer asked me? To design a website, logo, corporate id with manual, design statment in support of planning application for a masterplan in kenya (approx 90 pages) , media packs (all to be printed in house x 200 with CDs to burn) for a press launch to be held on22 April (Bearing in mind things need to be DHLed out there which takes a week, exhibition boards, powerpoint presentation and marketing packs for potential buyers in kenya all in the space of two weeks AFTER I HANDED IN MY NOTICE. Then he said - obviously this would span after the 22nd April 2005 and would I mind working for them for a space of a month sorting out all their marketing and graphics when I start my new job!!!

    I had great delight in telling him to shove it, well I actually said quietly that what he asked me was totally unprofessional on his behalf as would he go to his future employer and ask him - 'do you mind if I do loads on work on the side whilst still working for you' - then putting in hours till 4 in the morning trying to get achieve deadlines for my ex employer who by the way pays pooe and well crikey I could go on and on but doesthis not show a lack of commitment to my future employer????

    Well obviously that's what I do now as my current job is a load of crap - however if they can't sort themselves out then that's their ferkin problem.

    Anyway can't wait to start my new job - horrrrrhaahahahahahah!!!!!

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      o.g. peanut said...
      I do almost exactly what Morea does. 'Marketing Director' for a Life Insurance Agency in New Mexico and West Texas. Pretty much in house designer, brochures, trade booths, flyers, presentation folders, monthly newsletter, etc. Always stuck with the same logo and same colors, kinda sucks. On the bright side, Im designing for a living. Not too bad. Also do market analysis strategic marketing, segmentation, and participate in management decisions.

      used to do freelance, mainly billboards. Printed/produced em too.

      One day I will paint for a living... [img]/DesktopModules/dotNetBB/emoticons/eyecrazy.gif[/img]
      Yikes! don't cha hate the legal department? At the insurance company I used to work for it was near impossible to design their legalize into a plausible advertising piece.
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        I love this thread!

        After a 25 plus year corporate career in design and marketing at everything from a Fortune 500 Transportation company to a mid-sized offset printing company...I am finally promoted myself to CEO of my own studio.

        I am an independent graphic designer here in Omaha, NE. Smack in the middle of the US. I mostly work in print design
        and some Web design. I specialize in Direct Mail Advertising and Event promotions. But I have a background in corporate public relations and catalog design. I basically like all of it.

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          edit: Changed jobs!
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            BLuePanda if your a rookie, lord knows what that makes me. I've been designing for money for about 3 years.

            Right now I'm sort of a Jack-of-all design trades for a company that sells corporate apparel and merchandise.

            I do Print design, Web desgin, Photography and sometimes design for the screen-printing and embroidery we do.

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              i'm a creative designer for a global manufacturer of garment trim, which basically means i design hangtags, woven labels, leather patches etc - any point of sale items that are actually ON the garment itself. i get to work on a lot of big brands (adidas, umbro, fcuk, next, ted baker... to name but a few) which is really exciting and great for my portfolio too! i am also heavily involved with in-house design of marketing materials etc, and several design collections (in line with the fashion market) each year.

              i always have to be on the lookout for new materials and techniques, which keeps me on my toes! i get to be quite arty too and make actual mock ups as well as doing the artwork for items to be sampled/produced overseas.

              i also freelance as a graphic designer, and have 2 logo/identity projects going at the moment. (which means a few extra quid, but no spare time!!!)

              how did i end up doing this? well, i studied art&design for 3 years at college in norway, followed by a degree in design management here in the uk. not your traditional graphic design education, but it worked for me!
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                Graphic Designer/Production Artist... depends where the majority of the work load is. Its nice to get a change of pace on some projects, with designing and production work. Have had a little photography experience in my last design job, but still a begginer in that.
                We do large exhibits and displays,and designf or the company, 3d design, all the engineering for the displays, and manufacturing.


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                  This is cool to see what everyone does!!!

                  I work full-time as a graphic designer for a trade-show company called Skyline Displays. We are world wide. I do the creation and production art and send it to print. We design for all the major companies in the Twin Cities metro area.

                  I branched off to my own business almost two years ago and freelance anything you want done graphically. Dable is Photography and always trying to find more time to learn FLASH.... I like web-designing, but if it don't have flash, It's hard to get the big clients!
                  Anyone else in Minnesota, shoot me an e-mail, I have always too much work on my plate!!!

                  later all!
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                    Hi everyone,
                    I'm new here, so I thought this would be a good place to introduce myself. I'm a Junior at Purdue University studying Visual Communications. Right now I have an internship with Agricultural Communications doing random 4-H design work. I'd eventually like to work for a design agency or maybe as an in-house designer for a magazine company. Who knows! (If anyone is in need of a young designer in the Indianapolis area at the end of May 2006, I'm your woman. )
                    See ya around!



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                      Originally posted by Hendo
             company called Skyline Displays.
                      My company uses skyline displays for all the trade shows we attend.
                      Big Ups to Minnesota!


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                        I am a the only graphic designer for healthcare related insurance company in the Minneapolis area. I design annual reports, direct mail, flyers, ads, our internal and external websites and do anything else design-related. I help people with Powerpoint questions, do any corporate invitations and take any photos needed for events, etc. It is an good job with a very stable company but there is not much creative work coming up that is challenging. It may be time to dust off the old resume. I have 16+ years of experience in design and customer service.


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                          I'm the graphic designer/production artist for an exhibit/sales environment developer. I design large booth-graphics mainly for tradeshows and showroom displays. I also work with the industrial designer to design sign graphics for mall carts/ and other portable displays.
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                            Right now, I traffic up to 350 ads per week to newspapers... But truly am an illustrator with experience in interactive and print. Hopefully, in a few months I will be out on my own... painting, which is what originally led me to this field. Within the next year, I will be leaving NY for California.


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                              It's been 7 months now working at this digital printing press full-time. I'm one of 4 graphic artists. I mainly do business cards, postcards, letterheads, envelopes and other projects; send it to pre-press and it's off to another project. Sometimes I will have to mainly prints business cards through our Color Phaser if customers ask for a special type of paper instead of using the press.

                              I also have been doing some freelancing on the side such photo-retouching/restoration, etc.

                              Man it's been a long while since I've been here!


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                                Been working for the Online Gaming industry for about 6 years. Specifically Casino related games. Responsiblities include, design cardbacks, logo design, game design and casino lobby design.

                                Then I make second plesant living doing all the freelance stuff after work, like Business Cards, Websites, Illustrations and such.
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