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How did you choose your GDF Alias?

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  • How did you choose your GDF Alias?

    There are some weird names that GDF members have, so tell everyone how you chose it.

    Here's my story:

    Once upon a time i was kneeboarding (like wakeboarding but on your knees) and my mate said i look like a caterpillar when i get up from a prone position. We then decided we should legally change my name to caterpillar joe so that when i graduated highschool the principal would have to read out my new legal stupid name. I have no idea where the joe part came from but for my GDF name i shortened it to cjoe.
    I was going to originally be 'grinderfly' after an interesting piece of clipart art i did in one of my IT classes. It looked really cool but i cant find the GIF.
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    That's cool, caterpillar joe.

    Mine's pronounced "Kay are ee" and if you do a Google search, it's the only one on the planet. Just like my real name, I'm the only one on the planet.

    Like a tweed fish in a blue sea.


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      thanks for clarifying the pronouciation i was calling you Key-air. btw i pronounce mine 'seejoh'
      I work while you are all asleep...


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        Since I am a R/H (Ron and Hermione) shipper, I basically believe in the epilouge of the HP series they'll end up together. Undeniably. I was initially going to make my username rhrshipper but I relized that ship has sailed.


        Note: They are fictitious characters from they Harry Potter books. I am weird, I know...


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          you're weird?, i just realised how stupid my story actually is!
          I work while you are all asleep...


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            my GDF name is the Quenya translation of my actual name. Quenya is the language of the elves in Lord of the Rings.

            Stop laughing. It's not like I went out and learned Klingon.
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            "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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              Well, I was destracted when I set up my user name, and I typed my real name in the user name field and my user name in the real name field. I was destined to be BlueMonkey, which is what I'd call my freelance business if it ever happened, but I am known by my real name, Jason Fraker. Ugh, sometimes I'm such a moron!


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                I used to use my real name (greglearn (all one word)), but decided to change it so people can't google my name and get a lot of posts about my rantings on client stupidity. Anyway I was trying to think of a name and I just wasn't coming up with anything. I noodled it in my melon for about a day and kept saying to myself "I'm drawing a blank on this one"(I was literally saying this in my mind). Since my strong point is Illustration I wanted somthing to reflect that, but just kept drawing a blank. So I said "I'm just drawing a blank" in my mind enough that it clicked that that was as good a name as any so I decided to use it as my screen name.
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                  Mine's boring: first initial and last name. That's how my school does our email and other school-related stuff.



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                    Mine's a reference to an Atari Teenage Riot song. I thought it was clever.


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                      My last name starts with a G, I am a man and I was born in 79. Perhaps I should have approached my alias in a more creative fashion. Oh well. Is it Firday yet?
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                        I'm a Star Wars fan

                        As some of you probably know or don't, the mynock is critter from episode 5. I chew on power cables. I inhabit the Hoth asteroid field

                        Leathery-winged manta-like flyers, mynocks are a common pest faced by spacers. The parasitic creatures attach themselves to hosts via their bristly suction cup-like mouth. Pilots need to examine their ships for mynock infestations as the creatures like to affix to starships and chew on their power cables. Mynocks travel in packs and typically grow to be 1.6 meters long with a wingspan of approximately 1.25 meters.

                        Mynocks are vermin of the spaceways, able to drift through the hard vacuum of interplanetary space but lustfully attracted to the warmth and power of passing starships. Physically they consist of a limbless slug-like body about a metre long, with leathery delta wings. The head consists of little more than two rounded eyestalks and sucker of about twenty centimetres' diameter for attachment to starships or other sources of food.

                        It was a screen name I chose a long time ago when I was in aol chatroom, text role playing I guess is what you call it.

                        P.S. I am also a LOTR nerd too.
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                          his job is so easy even a monkey can do it!

                          do what?

                          work with those computer images and colored blocks. i think they are called pix isles or something.

                          damn monkey.


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                            I added a dash and an "o" to the end of my real name.


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                              Broacher is Klingon for 'cling-on' and elvish for 'elvis'.

                              My name is Bob Roach and I like to broach ideas, concepts, inflated egos, popular myths and technical misconceptions... and I also like green eggs and ham.






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