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Happy Friday!!

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  • Happy Friday!!

    All you, Back to the grind, Scared of robots, Mr. Miyagi mourning, Laptop shopping, New face welcoming, World's ugliest dog mourning, Captioning, Mad at mods, Confused by all the avatar changing, In a band, In fear of weird big red mosquitos, Trying to keep Max out of the Christmas tree, Warming up for BT, Typing pro, Graphic Designers!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    A plethora of quotes this week, thanks Morea.

    Originally posted by reuber1
    Happy Birthday! Just a note, that a birthday without boobies is like a peanut butter sandwich without's just not as great without it.
    Originally posted by The_Black_Knight
    I'm reminded of the old joke about Microsoft:

    Q. How many Microsoft engineers does it take to change a light bulb?

    A. None. They just declare darkness to be an industry standard.

    Originally posted by Prince Of Pixels
    I am wondering who all on this forum are moderators. cause i always go along thinking that someone that posts is a normal member like us, then i find out they are a moderator! it makes me kind of mad. Can someone give me a list of the current moderators?
    Originally posted by rickself
    I contest the notion that I may be a "normal member".
    Originally posted by PrintDriver
    I don't know 'bout you guys but my member ain't normal.
    Think I should get it checked?
    Originally posted by jimintn
    scary thought: if the mods on here are abnormal, then I'm normal
    Originally posted by D-Zine
    pancake the moderators!!!

    Oh wait! I'm a moderator! LMAO
    Originally posted by Vikia
    I nominate Eraser as the Sultan of Turdan
    Originally posted by DeleteYourself
    Can I be the prince of all things deleted?
    (Look at my avy, I already am.)
    Originally posted by idaho
    Is it possible to ban anyone who asks a Mac vs. PC question? How about banning anyone who actually answers a Mac vs. PC question, or at least make them stand in a corner for a while.

    Remember, when you respond to a Mac vs. PC thread you are just contributing to the problem.

    The dead horse has been beaten into a pool of goo by now.
    Originally posted by keith1
    Mac's & PC's suck, I use commodore 64s!!!
    Originally posted by Mynock
    ...arguing Apples vs Oranges.
    ...arguing black rhinos vs white rhinos.
    ...arguing Bert vs Ernie.
    ...arguing PT Cruiser vs HHR.
    ...arguing Coke vs Pepsi.
    ...arguing who is sluttier Paris or Nicole.
    ...arguing red vs blue.
    ...arguing Bush vs Gore.
    ...arguing Bush vs Kerry.
    ...slamming your unmentionables in dresser drawer.
    ...banging your head against a wall.
    ...chasing the end of a rainbow for the pot of gold.
    Originally posted by MD
    Ya I think my parents would gotten pretty upset if I was plastering their address all over the internet and receiving envelopes full of cash from adults.
    Originally posted by D-Zine
    Nothing like a hot dose of pancakes in the morning to get the forum rolling!
    Originally posted by Chris79
    No one offered me any pancakes either. But they did offer me alcohol... which is often a prelude to ...errr... pancakes isn't it?
    Originally posted by reuber1
    Pancakes are great, but don't have too many panckakes or you might get sick.
    Originally posted by JPnyc
    Hey don't knock it. It's how most of us got here.
    Originally posted by Chris79
    I'm pretty sure I was dropped off by a group of mutant alien dober-people. A lab experiment gone wrong and all that.
    Originally posted by reuber1
    A scientist poring over 330-million-year-old tracks in a layer of sandstone in Scotland believes they were made by an extraordinary water scorpion that was as big as a man. The huge six-legged creature was about 1.6 metres (64 inches) long and a metre (40 inches) wide, according to the study, published on Thursday in Nature, the weekly British science journal.
    Originally posted by TheBluePanda
    That would be ultra-sweet if something like that existed today.
    Originally posted by reuber1
    Yeah, ultra-sweet if they are on a different continent that is seperated from the U.S. by an ocean.
    Originally posted by morea
    I want one. I would ride him to work. And then I could have him sting people who were nasty to me.
    Originally posted by LeftBrain Artist
    I'd have it pinch people's butts. Not too hard. I'd save stinging for serious offenses - like forgetting my name or mispronouncing it.
    Originally posted by EC
    One time in highschool, this girl barfed on her typewriter. That was really gross.
    Originally posted by colonel5
    If the above is not in the QOTW i quit the forum forever, seriously.
    Last edited by morea; 12-02-2005, 09:05 AM.

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    lol great quotes!!! Everyone have a great day and week-end. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!
    It's not about the world of design.
    It's about the design of the world.
    Massive Change


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      happy friday everybody!
      "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


      • #4
        Yayy!! Friday!!! YAYYY!!! QOTW 4 times!!! I've only been there ONCE beforehand...maybe I got me some pity votes. Honestly, I have to attribute it to my avatar, because I don't think anyone can take anything seriously with an avatar like that. Dirka Dirka!


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          have a great weekend all!


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            Rock on GDF! Happy Friday to all. Pardon my spotty posts, I've been swamped here of work (and will be until March I bet) so I haven't had the opportunity to pour drinks for yall. I'm definitely in the mood for a sintalating (sp?) libation!
            Official lunchboxbrain blog


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              happi Fridai !


              • #8
                I'm done at 3pm Central hoooooooooorray!
                Less be more.


                • #9
                  I'm back on QOTW!!!!

                  See what happens when you post?

                  Happy Friday everyone!!!


                  • #10
                    Woo hoo, I made it to the QOTW
                    Happy Friday to all!
                    WINNER OF GDF CAPTION CONTEST ROUND III - w00t w00t


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                      Sweet Quotes, Qool (and morea).

                      Qeep on qeepin' on, qids!


                      • #12
                        wow, Jim! That info in your signature is astounding.
                        "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


                        • #13
                          well it didn't include the vomiting on he typewriter quote, but I was in there so that's close enough. I'll stick around yet another week!
                          You see, whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story.


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                            the barfing quote was right above yours!
                            "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                              8" of snow on the ground and it's still snowing! Darn glad i bought that snow blower last year. Gotta keep that backache and heart attack at bay!!!

                              HAPPY first FRIDAY of December to all!

                              QOTW for the first time in a long time! Life may suck right now but QOTW...Yeehaw!
                              People tell me "Have a Good One!' Hell, I already have a good one, I just need a BIGGER one! - George Carlin






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