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  • Which go juice?

    Ok devs, Rockstar or coffee?

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    Neither. Rockstar and stuff like that makes me sick just thinking about it. I love the smell of coffee, but can't stand the taste. I really want to like it. I've tried all the different variations. None of them work for me.

    Give me a Dr. Pepper over either of them any day of the week.


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      Had to look up Rockstar. Holy crap 67.5 grams of sugar! That's just wrong.
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        Green tea for me. That energy drink shit can kill you
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        • PanToshi
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          I know, right?!!

          Do you prefer matcha or loose leaf? I kinda like Genmaicha (with roasted rice)

        • kemingMatters
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          Matcha, really because it's easier to deal with when I'm still waking up. I'd have my kitchen covered in loose leaf at 6am and no one wants to start their day off like that.

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        Caffeine makes me wired and jittery. Being normally high strung, what I really need is something to slow me down instead of pushing me over the edge. If Starbucks offered an optional shot of Xanax with their decaf, I'd be a regular customer.


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          Was Rockstar the puppymonkeybaby ad during the super bowl? Had to shut off the sound. That right there would put me off any product that company had to offer. No one needs 67gm of sugar all at once. That would put me into a coma, and I'm not a diabetic.

          One good slug of coffee in the morning is good for the day. Otherwise the headache sets in around 2pm.


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            There was a time about 10 years ago where I drank about 40 ounces of coffee a day.
            20 ounces on my commute, another when I got to work and then one in the afternoon.

            I really wasn't drinking it for the caffine, over time I just increased my intake.

            Then I got a bad cold--I hate how coffee tastes when I have a cold, so I switch to tea. For about five months I had zero urge to drink coffee at all.
            Once I did start drinking it, it was just one 20 oz travel mug as I drive to work. I have a little more on weekend morning as I putter around the house on projects.

            The energy drinks are just plain disgusting. While I'll drink coffee and the occasional cola, I don't like the feeling of being over caffinated. I suppose there is a threshold where I don't notice it.
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              CoFfEe, cOfFeE and more coFFeE.


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                Commute beverage...

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                • Ika
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                  Best of all

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                • HotButton
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                  Compared to Rockstar, and coffee for that matter, it's Nectar of the Gods.

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                One of these a day or I don't function.

                Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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                  In college, I'd down a few energy drinks a day. My mom would always worry and tell me I was going to have a heart attack. When I got my first design job I switched to coffee (black) for a few years. Then I switched back to energy drinks and started feeling sick after drinking one. I'll still drink the occasional one because I love the taste, but for the most part I quit them.

                  Now I just pop 1 or 2 caffeine pills in the morning. They take longer to kick in than coffee or energy drinks, but there's none of the negative effects of either of them.
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                  • B
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                    Like having to pee every half hour?

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                  Coffee in the morning, tea for a midday pick-me-up. And when I say coffee, I mean coffee, not that melted milkshake pablum they serve at Ahab's Mate. Not a lukewarm cup of liquefied Lindor Truffles with some charred coffee in it. Cream and sugar if you must, but that other stuff isn't coffee.

                  And energy drinks are, indeed, horrifying. They smell like the Devil's urine.

                  I don't really drink soda much, but for caffeinated sodas it's pretty much make mine a Moxie. Which nobody will get as it's not really available outside of northern New England.
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                    Coffee or tea ... Energy drinks are yucky poo poo in my opinion .. I've tried a few and one sip and I'm ready to gag. And they are sooooo not good for you. Not that I am one to act like the Food Police ... but this crap can do a number on you if you aren't careful. No more than one a day if you must have one. I spent enough time in the ER with someone who's body went toxic from drinking several a day, every single day .. because they said they couldn't function without it. That's my PSA for the day
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                      Black coffee, for sure. Energy drink makes me nauseous...
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