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    Greetings all,
    I am in the process of looking for a more portable solution to doing my freelance work. I am currently hauling my laptop and my intuos pro to get things done. I would love to, and have been given the ok to, spend some money on a tablet solution.
    My question is based on your experiences, which is the preferred model? I have been looking at the cintiq companion 2, but need to know if there is another model i should be looking at.

    Thanks for all of your input!


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    Surface pro or iPad Pro are the only contenders, I believe, but the companion 2 is best. iPad is limited to iOS apps


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      If you are going with the lowest end Cintiq, that only has a 64gig SSD in it and only 4gigs of RAM. If you work totally to the cloud, that will probably work, though 4 gigs is the minimum Adobe recommends. If you go for the 512gig SSD with 16gigs of RAM you may as well buy a MacBook... Pretty comparable in price at over $2400. Depending on how much of a photoshop power user you are, you may want to bring an image to a dealer and take one for a test drive. Scratch space could become an issue on the smaller SSDs.

      Here are the current system requirements for the Adobe apps:
      Be sure whatever you decide on can handle them.

      What exactly do you plan to do with the tablet? Are you looking to present ideas and do sketch layout work in the presence of the client? Or are you actually going to try to work on one of those remotely all the time? Can you stand to work on a 13" screen? I've seen most designers turn up their noses at 13" laptops. I guess things change.


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          Thanks so much for your input. I have a studio space at home working on 20" displays most of the time. the laptop i currently use for remote work is a 17". the problem with the setup is more of how cumbersome it is than anything else. I am looking for something more compact, but has the power to do what i need. most of my work is in photoshop and illustrator, illustration, concept work, some logo and design work. anything else like layout etc i would just do on my desktop. Being able to do demos in front of clients would be great without lugging around my laptop, intuos pro, all the chords, etc etc. so I hope that gives you a little more insight.


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            There is absolutely nothing "compact" enough to do the work that is required. Unless you do not mind being restricted in print size and speed. When I get the funds I am going to do just that. I already thought about that problem. Your dealing Intel it seems that everything needs twice amount the ram of PPC.

            Otherwise stick with what you have and consider what you will be working with.


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              If you want to work on a tablet I would check the software available. You will not be able to run full versions of PhotoShop or Illustrator on a tablet.

              Adobe have released PhotoShop Touch for use on tablets which is a cut down version of PhotoShop Elements.

              There is also Illustrator Draw available for Android but not sure about Mac software.
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