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Envato EU VAT problems. Need help!

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  • Envato EU VAT problems. Need help!

    I am the freelance web designer doing projects in EU. Iíve done a lot of them for Envato.
    But recently it turned out that I might be a subject to EU tax authoritiesí investigation, as well as thousands of other Envato authors in EU.
    Iíve described my problem on one of the forums in April
    People told me to consult with tax advisor or lawyer, which I did.
    It turns out that I am eligible to EU VAT as an author. And Envato collects and pays this tax for authors since 2015.
    But the problem is that Iíve been doing projects since 2013. So who will pay VAT for those two years?
    If you take all authors from EU, this may be hundreds thousands of Euro.
    What should I do? Can this be the subject for tax authoritiesí investigation? Am I in danger? If I am sued for tax evasion, can I summon Envato as a third party responsible for the situation to the court?

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    No one here can answer this question.
    You should consult the same tax advisor you consulted before.


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      I am not familiar with Envato, but it looks like it runs a similar platform as Etsy in regards to taxes. It boils down to - you are responsible for paying your own taxes. As PD said, you need the advice of a lawyer, not graphic designers and not other people who use Envato.
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