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A Cure for Hiccups

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  • A Cure for Hiccups

    This is something that sounds impossible / too good to be true.

    During a recent stay in hospital I was plagued by hiccups - sometimes for hours. I noticed that when I drank through a straw it stopped the hiccups. It works best with a good long draw, not sips.

    I asked around - I wasn't sure what causes hiccups but apparently it is a kind of spasm in the diaphragm, usually caused by pressure differences due to gas. This began to make sense because when you drink through a straw you are creating a partial vacuum and it looks like this 'resets' the diaphragm.

    Sadly you can't patent an idea so I'm telling everyone I can about this - hopefully it will work for you. I would love to get feedback about the success or otherwise of this technique.
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    You could patent a long straw design and call it the "Hiccup Be Gone".

    I can just imagine the informercials now

    The best cure for hiccups I ever experienced was when I had the hiccups and someone told me that they would give me $100 if I hiccuped again. My hiccups were gone. I was so mad. I think that cure must be some kind of change in stress levels?
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      Hi PanToshi! I trimmed down on a few online addictions when I went full time freelance. Including online games and GDF.....but I've added GDF back to my list.

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      Good to see you hanging about here again! How's Tofu?

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      Tofu is doing well. I think he likes having me home during the day. At least that's what I try and tell myself.

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    I actually just hold my breath for a really long time. When I wake up after passing out, the hiccups are usually gone. I could usually use a quick nap anyways.
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      Weird... I swallow a large spoonful of sugar with a full glass of water. That usually works. And it's delicious. Sorry to hear you were in hospital, hope you're feeling better!
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        When I had the hiccups years ago, someone told me to quickly list ten famous bald men. Hiccups were gone after Patrick Stewart. Either he's the magic cure, or the distraction helped.
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          Spoon full of sugar always seems to work for me and my kids. Sounds gross but it works!


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            The spoonful of sugar works because you are concentrating so hard on getting that silly song out of your brain that you forget to hiccup.

            Thanks a whole bunch by the way. Now I have that song stuck in my head.


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              Drink 2 cups of plain water.


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                Cups of cold water will do the trick!


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                  There was a cure going around when I was in high school (eons ago.)
                  Drinking from the back of a cup.

                  If you try this and drown, don't blame me (or if you put your back out, not my fault either.)
                  Get a cup of water.
                  Sit in a chair.
                  Lean over so your head is below your knees
                  Bring the back of the cup to your lips and try to sip the water. You won't be able to swallow it, but getting it in your mouth is the goal.
                  Probably the compression of all your guts into your diaphram is what cures you. Or the laughing while your friends egg you on.






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