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Standard Licence or Extended Licence?

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  • Standard Licence or Extended Licence?


    Can someone please help me figure out if I need the Standard or Extended Licence for this vector?

    I would be incorporating the vector into my Logo, and then I would put the Logo on a product I will be selling.

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    Your answer would be "neither license covers your use."

    From the GR legal page (they consider their FAQs page as part of their license....)
    Can I use an item as an element of my logo or branding?

    Only items from the logo category on GraphicRiver are intended to be used as logos. Other items can't be used in logos or branding. None of our items, not even logos, can be trademarked.
    Seems sort of silly that even the logos they sell can't be trademarked and can be resold.
    Sort of defeats the purpose of having a logo at all.

    BTW, this is true of most stock clip art and imagery. It is very rare for you to find a license that allows logo use, though I have seen ''buy a logo'' sites out there that will take down an item once bought and you can negotiate trademark (cha-ching).
    This place isn't one of them.
    (Also bearing in mind that I have seen the same logo offered by the same designer on different sites with different licensing. You definitely ''get what you pay for'' when buying a generic your-company-name-here piece of junk.)
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      If it falls under ''branding''
      probably not.
      < not a lawyer.


      • AppleShampoo102
        AppleShampoo102 commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you again for the help, it means a lot to me. I contacted the creator of the vector and he sent me the vector saying I can just pay him through PayPal which was nice.

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      My guess is the creator of the vector just violated his submission contract with GR...
      Most, not all, but most, stock sites do not allow direct sale of material they have posted for financial gain. You see, the stock company gets the lion's share of the cut when a design is ordered through them. They take a dim view of not getting their cut for hosting the design on their stock site.

      But whatever.
      I'm not interested enough in that particular stock company to even look at their submission guidelines or to care what happens to their contributors.
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