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    Hello guys! Sorry to have bothered asking you some questions. Anyway, I am not more of a Linux user and in our organization I need to keep track of all passwords and user accounts. Would you know how can I store my user accounts and passwords in one secured location ? Please comment below if you have the idea. Thank you.

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    A post it note stuck to your screen - as long as its not the correct password. People will try that first and then give up when it doesn't work. Seriously don't think any text string stored on any computer whatever OS is secure. The only really secure place is between your ears.

    I don't keep a track of any of the dozen or so passwords I currently use. I don't even know what they are, but I know how to generate them.

    I start at a place on the keyboard which can be the first letter of the website etc then go zigzag or straight, left or right, up and down, in a circle, into the numbers and symbols or not, alternating shift characters or not, until I have at least the required number of characters for the password. Remembering the last character can help as a checksum.

    I realise that this method does not provide properly random passwords, but they look impressive if written down.
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      Thanks for the response. I guess there is no hundred percent assurance of how we can secure passwords. As my colleague mentioned, no matter what we do, security will always be at risk. All we have to do is minimize the risk. But how about active directory linux? Anyone who have used it?
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        How many people do you have using this same account? Both posts from Kellee in this thread have different IP addresses and the second comment refers to "my colleague." GDF accounts are for one person only. If you need multiple colleagues using this forum, they will each have to make their own account. Thanks.
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