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just went from having the oldest imac in the company...

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  • just went from having the oldest imac in the company...

    to having THE newest imac! latest everything! so old computer was about 8 or 9 years old...i was still running AI CS5! everything is up to date in Kansas City!
    Computer is so new the IT guys tested on it for a few weeks since it is the only one in the building. Now i just have to hope that the adobe suite ill be using hasnt made wholesale changes because im going to be doing a big project in a few weeks.....if so hopefully ill be able to figure things out by then

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    I'm happy for you, man. I just bought a new imac and it's a total dud! I haven't been able to work on it yet, I'll have to take it in for repairs. The latest Adobe suite has quite a lot of changes -- I love the Illustrator changes, PS not so much. (I don't work in InDesign enough to notice). Good luck and have fun!
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      Hope you have some seatbelts. LOL.


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        Hey I'm in Kansas City too! What do you think about the Chiefs taking a Maholmes last night in the draft? Pretty crazy that it's been so long since they've drafted a first round QB, but I love the move!






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          Happy Thanksgiving to all!
          Just waiting for dinner to finish cooking. We are eating fashionably late this year. Mainly because the bird was larger than expected, but that 's ok.
          Lots of hooverdoovers...
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          Happy Thanksgiving!

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          Happy Thanksgiving everyone (even to those of you outside the U.S.)!

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          There are many software in the market which are using for vector pattern are:- 1) Inkscape 2) Xara Xtreme 3) Skencil 4) Scribus 5) VRR 6) CoceptDrow PRO 7) ZeusDraw 8) MagicTracer 9) Nodebox 10) Tgif
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          You want a program that is used to dealing with vector axis data. Photoshop would probably be inappropriate.

          The only way I can think to do this is to have a script written for Illustrator...
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