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    is it just me or does the font on the PS3 look like the spiderman font? Can't say I'm much of a console fan (though the Wii looks intresting), this is just weird, billion $$$ project with a comic movie font "lol"

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    and supposedly they are going to have some kinda blue chip thingy were you won't be able to rent games for the PS3. something for the new and up and coming pirates to hack.... should be interesting but at this point in time, as a long time Sony supporter, I may be leaning more to the XBox. sucks but its there own demise
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      It just seems like another xbox at this time, the Wii isn't just doing another console, they are creating a whole NEW console. Thats what I want to see! Recycling doesn't work 99% of the time.
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        Wii currently has the ball. Lets hope they run with it.






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