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  • i got a raise

    I have been busy this week so I havent been around much but I had a review and I got a raise. It was last friday and my raise was effective for that whole week.

    they said I am doing 'a wonderful job'
    I got raised up to $16 an hour - they ordered me a new video card for my second monitor - upgraded me to panther - and added some ram in my computer to a Gig

    they also bought me some things that I wanted for my office - book shelves job jacket rack cd holder stand etc

    my extra monitor will be in next week its just a view sonic 19' but I will be using it for just pallette space.

    They told me to get as many hours as I want. I think I will stay in the 55 hour range.

    my brother in law has an interview with the company for a sales position in a couple weeks so who knows.

    things are good

    PS for those of you that remember about the other job offer I am not going to leave this job for a while

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    whoa!! thats awesome!!!

    <SUP><SUP>- currentlyunder construction


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      Congrats on the raise! It's always nice when your boss appreciates what you do.
      "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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        That's awesome BP. So those instructional videos on oral sex came in handy eh?

        "It's not cheating if you win."

        - A VERY wise person.


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          Congrats on the raise...enjoy the weekend!


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            Thats great BP. Dam your moving up fast my friend, very fast!


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              awesome BP.....beers on you!

              cheers! [img]/emoticons/cheers.gif[/img]

              The Tyger is &#111;n the prowl...

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                LMAO MAGNUS!

                Congratz!!!!!!!!!!! Thats soooooo awesome.

                y can i make stuff for other ppl but when it comez to a sig my mind drawz a blank..


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                  Tight work! So when are you takin' us all out for drinks to celebrate!?

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                    Vegas GDF meet is on BP, when you flyin us all out to party?? Hehe, congrats man, keep up the hard work, it can only get better.

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                      thanks yall.....

                      beers on me if you go out send the bills to this address

                      gmp services, inc.
                      107 Ladd Circle
                      Statesboro, GA. 30458

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                        the little success I have had thus far just shows you what you can learn from the people in this forum - and I tip my hat to all of you

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                          awesome man, you are going to love having to displays, it is a real time saver and very productive to have when working with graphics.

                          Of course you should also keep the area in front of them clean

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                            I got a $.50 raise. I plan on squeezing another $.50 to $1 more though. Cheap bastids.

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                            - Albert Einstein
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                              Your welcome BP, thats what we are here for.






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