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My quest to find the holy iPod of Antioch.

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  • My quest to find the holy iPod of Antioch.

    Ok. First off, this may be totally inappropriate so let me apologize in advance if that’s the case. If it is, then I throw myself upon thy graces mercy. Be gentle.

    A co-worker of mine came into work yesterday and said, “Check it, free iPods”. In the age of email that offers free pharmaceuticals, increased manhood, mail-order brides and horny housewives I was skeptical. But I went and looked at the site and these guys have been on and CNN. And it seems that there are success stories all over the internet (which could absolutely be fake. I could believe they spend all their time making up crap to make themselves look good. Farfetched, but believable). I am still skeptical but I’m going to try it. I'm also going to document my progress to see how it works.

    Does anyone want to help me out? I need to get 5 referrals to sign up and complete one of the offers (I signed up for the Real Rhapsody one. It costs $1 and I get 5 songs out of it). And if it turns out that they really send me an iPod, all you’d have to do to get yours is the 5 referrals part.

    So whaddya say? Please? (Updated and started a line.)

    My Quest Thus Far:
    8/20/04 - Signed up for Real Rhapsody and received credit for it at Quest 1/2 complete.
    8/19/04 - Signed up at Quest 1/4 complete.


    Here's a couple of links to people who have done it.

    Post Edited (Holliday) : 8/21/2004 2:16:20 PM GMT

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    This is defiently a scam.

    Comon now. I hope you didn't give them a credit card or anything. Oh GOD!


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      Nope! You don't give the free ipod-ians anything. But in order to complete an offer you gotta buy something (I think the real one is the cheapest @ $1). Well. If you have good credit you could do the credit card one and just not ever activate it I suppose. I didn't look at it cause my credit sucks.


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        Holliday said...
        i have to say that face is hard to say no too.. [img]/emoticons/sad.gif[/img] just so darn cute...

        but sry.. no i cant. [img]/emoticons/blink.gif[/img] i trust nobody [img]/emoticons/dry.gif[/img]

        y can i make stuff for other ppl but when it comez to a sig my mind drawz a blank..


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          Just seems too good to be true, but lemme know how it works out.

          Support Music and Arts Education | | 'You have no chance to win.' | GDF Mac Death Squad, Son


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            I know, right. That's why I want to test it. I did a google search and people all over other forums are doing the same thing I just did. :/ Guess I'm behind the times. Getting 5 referrals is going to be harder than I thought.


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              wierd i just stumbled onto that site today for the first time too...
              i def wouldn't do it though...

              <SUP><SUP>- currentlyunder construction



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                it seems to be a complex scam. you know.. like how some insurance works.

                but there's this thing right now where you could bid the lowest for a product.
                but there's a few rules. you have to be only guy that bid that amount of money and you will be able to bid 5 times a month.
                and you need to pay them around 4/5 bucks per month for membership.

                yup its real. one of the guys got a creative zen for 14cents.

                :heaven is a coconut away:
                i need wii friends =)
                5289 3036 7758 7104


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                  I got one of those emails about the free iPod - deleted it w/o reading it - probably afraid I'd get snookered if I did.

                  Here's what you do to get a free IPod Holliday. Earmark a complete job or small parts of several jobs for the iPod - essentially getting your clients to pay that little something extra toward your noble quest. Don't go to Gypsy hucksters when you can politely get a bit more back from your own clients - do what you must to justify it to whatever (if any) ethical structure by which you live and work. It's a business thing - give them a little something extra for the little bit of extra cash...




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                    That sounds like a good idea BB! Now... all I need is the clients.....

                    In the meantime check me out:


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                      Mow lawns...



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                        do laundry...

                        :heaven is a coconut away:
                        i need wii friends =)
                        5289 3036 7758 7104






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