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  • heeeeeeyyyyyyyyeeeeeee...

    hopefully someone cares...i'm back! i can't believe how ridiculously long it's been since i've been here. wow. well, my big update is...

    i got married!!!

    no more single mom complaints, since i have been so awesomely blessed to now have a husband and finally a father for my little man. sooooo exciting. here's a picture of us on the big day (i think, if i figured out this attachment thing properly)! for those of you who remember way back when i first joined here, this is the guy who broke up me because "we needed time to work on our issues". now i hassle him about it all the, hey husband, remember last year...when you BROKE UP WITH ME?!?!?!? but it's sogreat to have had that experience and have it just be a funny story now for our grandkids.

    anyway, i think the whole process of wedding planning was just crazy enough to keep me too occupied to come on here and check in with you guys. we did everything ourselves (meaning i did everything myself) on a very small budget, in only 3.5 months, so it was really just nuts. guess who designed and printed the invitations, responses, program, wedding website, etc...(actually it's still up there,, if anyone wants to fill out our registry - JUST KIDDING!!! but i thought it came out kinda cool)?it all turned out beautifully - august 7th was one of those crazy gorgeous days, especially for philly where it is NEVER 75 and sunny in late summer! and now i'm mrs. rachel ryan. which is just entirely too weird. no more "any relation to erik?" questions.

    it was an enormous pain changing my name but i'm finally done, i think, although just about every day i realize another customer service number i have to dial to change things up. but despite mourning my previous identity, i think my new name is kinda catchy. especially for a writer who will now have an alliterativebyline.

    so...after a whole year of doing the freelance thing, i think i might actually be starting a new FT writing job in a week or two. which probably means that i will be looking for something to fill my time during downtimes. hello GDF!!! i believe this forum was created expressly for that purpose. i will have to practice up on my rapid-window-minimizing skills.

    well, just wanted to check in with everyone and announce my return. i'm so glad to be back!


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    Awesome, wonderful, congrats!!! Congrats on the new gig, hopefully it works out (the job I mean) ; )

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      Congrats on getting married - what a beautiful picture!

      You know, I've seen your posts in the 'archives', but I don't think we've actually met... I'm new-ish here. So welcome back, nice to meet you!

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        congrats on your big day and big change. Everything workso ut for the best...see!

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          wow congrads, welcome back!

          <SUP><SUP>- currentlyunder construction


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            (pssst..does this mean that since your last name changed....I can have hehehe

            I wanna be like Case when I grow up!

            Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists.... When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been lost. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence.


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              LOL @ DD!

              Aweee CONGRATS Rachel!! I loved your site listed above. I think it looks great! Nice work ) I hope you 2 will be very happy together!

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                Congradualtions!!! I'm happy for you. =) Oh and welcome back!

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                  I think you may have been from before me time, but welcome back!

                  Also, congrats and nice site!

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                    Congratumalation, and welcome back.

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                      Congratulations, welcome back, and good luck with both.


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                        you guys look like a beautiful couple, congrats!

                        I couldn't help chuckle when i was reading your post. I just got married as well, July 3rd to be exact...and i know what you mean about the crazy plans in a short span of time and yes my wife and 'I' shared the reponsibilities.

                        but when you said....

                        theotherrachel said...
                        this is the guy who broke up me because 'we needed time to work on our issues'.
                        ...this rang a bell with me [img]/emoticons/blink.gif[/img]

                        My wife did the same thing to me and we had about 6 months of time to 'work on our issues'. I have to admit though, because there was so much happening at the time, it was a good break for both of us to realize how we truly felt about each other [img]/emoticons/wub.gif[/img] ....also because i'm SO CHARMING she came back to me....with a litttle teeth pulling [img]/emoticons/specool.gif[/img] lol! [img]/emoticons/lol.gif[/img]


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                          congrats...and welcome back
                          great to hear you survived doin the stuff yourself.. bc im doin the same and i was getting worried.. im gettin maried in 11 weeks! yikes!!!

                          i love work...
                          ... i can sit and watch it all day


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                            cool beans Rachel!

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                              Hey Rachel, welcome back. Congrats on your betrothel. [img]/emoticons/cool.gif[/img]

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