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  • Worst National Ad Campaign

    What's the worst ad campaign you guys have ever seen? I think the Arby's 'oven mitt' campaign is pretty horrible. I mean, that's a cowboy hat. Everyone knows that!

    Anyway, what about you guys?

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    Come on you mean to tell me you didn't laugh at the last one where he pops up with 'Mini Mitt'!


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      I absolutely am hating the Angus Diet and the 'I'm Luvin It' campaigns

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        anything to do with women hygene 'products'. do you really need to advertise? things are just known.

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          Sadly I don't watch much television.

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            omg. that stuff was filmed in toronto. i'm not naming names, but it was painful. i cringe when i see those spots.

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              Any John Kerry commercical, what a suckup and liar, oh and did i forget loud mouth braggart???

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                lol.I LOVE the Arby's oven mitt!!!! I do however, hate the 'i'm luvin it' McD's crap,a nd I relaly hate that Quiznos.....i dont' even know what that thing is that sings...*shudder*

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                  ROFL @ DD! I too hate the Quiznos ad campaign but I like the lil Arbys guy.

                  McDonalds - I'm hatin' it!!

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                    1.) Quiznos!!!

                    2.) Any of the 'soft money' political campaign ads - Republican, Democratic or others.

                    3.) Any ad with a smirkin' picture of Dubya.

                    Thankfully, VCRs and Tivo make watching most commercials unneccesary in my household.

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                      Try and live in wisconsin some time, There is a political ad on every 2 seconds


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                        How about the funniest commercails. Anyone remember the link for the 'I feel GREAT' campaign for the Kellogs Nutra Grain?

                        Graphic Design Heroes! Call me Captain Type Caster. I’ve fought off “The Evil Cosmic Sans” for year but it seems “Dr. Extreme Untalent” keeps bringing him back. I must find a way to defeat this evil creature.

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                          i like the toyota ad with the girl scout and the lady wont buy a box of cookies and the little flips out calling her rich for having a fully loaded toyota camry the end it says 'it just looks expensive'

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                            I hate political ads from any side, lying theiving bastads.

                            This is funny though check out this site

                            It seems that the Bush/Chenney campaign made the graphics available online so people could print out posters and things. They didn't realize that a fully editable version with text could be used against them for a while and these posters are the result. Bad strategery

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                              The quiz-nos ads were absolutly horible.

                              Now, the ads that I am getting a laugh out of are the viagra ads.

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