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What was the first computer you / your family owned?

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  • What was the first computer you / your family owned?

    This is gonna age some people on this board, I think, following the ATARI thread...

    My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20. I remember that William Shatner was their spokesman for it, it was $595 US when it first hit the shelves. 3.5K of useable program RAM, and no sprites. The C=64 was much more useable, but it was great to cut my teeth on.

    The first one I ever USED was a neighbor's Apple ][. It had a green-screen, and I was hooked when I saw a game on it, but can't remember what it was. Chopper Command? You had a little helicopter, it was a side-scroller, you had to touch down and pick up people and take them back to your base and drop them off without killing them. Chopper something... [img]/emoticons/frusty.gif[/img]

    So, what was the first computer YOU owned? Or the first you remember using?

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    William Shattner is *the man* LOL!

    We had a TRS-80.

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      We had some Texas Instrument POS when I was lil.

      When I left for college they bought a Packard Bell and I got a Mac PowerPC 8600 - hahaha!! 1.2 gb hd was somethin to brag about then! LOL

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        - press play on tape

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          My first was an Apple II. Had both the 3 1/2 floppy and the big 5 1/4. Played Reader Rabbit a lot as a kid.

          Then we got a Pentium I 133mhz PC with a 4gb hdd. Then I played a ton of Chip's Challenge.

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            I was pretty late getting into it compared to a lot of you. My first was a screaming 486 with a whole 2 megs of RAM and a fat 207 meg hard drive. Running windows 3.

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              We had an Apple ][ Plus.
              I remember that chopper game but not the name.
              Did Dogfight come with yours? Always loved watching my guy hurtle to the ground without the parachute. Damn.

              Lots and lots of Zork and Wizardry. Leather Goddesses of Phobos was pretty funny too. 'Specially in 'lewd mode'. LMAO! I still have a scrolled printout of the whole game played start to finish. Looks like a roll of TP printed on by a dot matrix printer with no descenders on the letters.

              Anyone remember a dial up internet type service put out by Readers Digest (I think). It was called 'The Source' and you could connect to all kinds of University sites. It was later than the MIT online D&D games though. Lasted about 2 years. Didn't catch on. That was truly a sign of things to come though.

              Neighbor kid had a TRS80 but was always over playing Zork or Atari at my house.

              Ryan, you aren't old enought to know an Apple][! Mum and Dad save it for the kids to play with?

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                It was an old computer of a friend of ours and they gave it to us. My cousin actuall has it and one other one in his basement now. lol

                'Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.'
                - Albert Einstein
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                  3.5' drive? I think that was a ][GS model, newer one. Buddy of mine still has one of those, the 'Woz' box, as it had Wozniak's signature on the case.

                  And that Chopper game?! CHOPLIFTER, by Broderbund. Had to Google for that one. Can't believe I forgot that! BTW, here's one for the OS X users out there: Chopper!

                  OMG, I forgot what a blast I had playing Zork games! Actually, all the Infocom ones, like Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy, and Bureacracy (sp), both by Douglas Adams (rip).

                  And yes, Uncle, tape was king then! LOAD'xyzabc',1,1 [img]/emoticons/yeah.gif[/img] Still got it... think I'll have to find that C=64 emulator. Haven't sent a PEEK and POKE in quite some time... errrrr... never mind, kids. I'm not going to explain. [img]/emoticons/blink.gif[/img]

                  Texas Instruments piece-of-crap was the TI 99/4A, I believe was the model. Actually, compared to other home computers of the time, it was a decent box. It was built pretty well, had a good BASIC language interpreter (better than Commodore's), and good graphics chip. Commodore had the better sound chip (in the C=64, not the VIC-20). I wanted one!

                  Did anyone have a Timex/Sinclair? I thought that thing just looked cool, small, flat membrane keyboard like the Atari 400. Piece of junk, though, or so I was told by owners.

                  For those looking for info on classic computers, check this site out: Google's Retrocomputing Page or my favorite: Old Computers


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                    Does speak & spell count?

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                      HAHAHAHAHAAAAA... no. [img]/emoticons/scool.gif[/img]


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                        damn u ppl type a lto :P i didnt read all that but i had some texas instruments thing when i was lil that hooked up to my tv ;p


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                          yeah thats what Im talkin about Debz! We had that too! LOL! I honestly don't remember what that thing actually did but my dad still has it!! haha! Its basically a....keyboard..LOL

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                          I blog, you blog, we all blog!


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                            The first I used was an Apple. That was in first grade, 1984. The mouse was, at the time, called a 'turtle.'

                            Our family's first was an 8088 IBM monochrome with two floppy drives. That was '87, I think. Played a lot of ASCII based games like Hack. Finally got a CGA-emulating Leading Edge monochome a year or so later.

                            Those were the days. Printshop, drawing pixel by pixel in some graphics program with THREE WHOLE COLORS.


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                              LOL! I used to do for/next loops with POKEs and PEEKs just to see what they did... and crash!!! lol... tape drives - yup I had a 5 pin dot matrix too that printed on till tape.. 3' wide... i handed in essays rolled up in bottles. Had to write a word processor first though... snatched from the back of a compute magazine...

                              CHOPLIFTER!!! I remember that too!







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