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Magnus's New KATANA!!!

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  • Magnus's New KATANA!!!

    Hey everyone,

    I thought i'd share some pics of mynew katana. It's straight from japan, with traditionally built fittings, though it has an alluminum-zinc alloy blade. Why? Because the japanese government placed a quota of 1-2 forged steel blades per month on japanese smiths in order to preserve the swords as cultural treasures. To get around this they make them out of an alloy. The other reason is so that beginners like myself, don't cut the webbing on our left hand when returing the blade to the scabbard, or cut something else off. Usually, the use of a live blade is a privelage earned at around 4th degree black.

    Anyway, the fittings have a crane theme throughout, and the handle is wrapped in manta ray skin for strength, and then wrapped in black cotton, giving it that unique "diamon" pattern. The scabbard is gloss black, and the has a plain, battle style "moku" hand guard. The pattern you see near thebottom of the sword is called the "hamon". This is the part on a real forged blade that differentiates between the hard cutting edge and the rest of the blade. The sword, when heat treated, is coated in clay, but the cutting edge has a much thinner application. This allows the smith to create a sword which will retain the edge while cutting, but maintain a softer, shock absorbing side and back. Once the sword is polished and sharpened, the difference in the two steels becomes apparent. Good smiths can create their own patterns of hamon on the blades, and mine is a random patternone.

    The groove on the blade is not the ficticious "blood gutter", but is called a bo-hi, which increases the blades balance potential and lightens the blade. It also makes a wooshing sound called Tachikaze, that an instructor can use as a tool to judge whether or not youv'e made a good cut.

    So yeah, I basically love this feels alive when it is in your hands, as though it wants to be swung. I'm trying to come up with a name for instructor has named his steel, forged blade "Eye of the Storm". When it is sheathed, and fixed through his belt, it's the calm, and all the damage is done outside of the eye when the blade is withdrawn. I thought that was pretty cool.

    This picture is the wall mount I have, with my bokken (wooden sword) on the bottom, and my iaito (katana) on top.

    This is a close up of the handle (tsuka), showing the ray skin and black wrap. The gold ornament is a crane, called a menuki.

    This is an angled shot of the sword guard (tsuba), and the handle (tsuka).

    The hamon

    Theblade where it meets the guard and handle.

    And finally, the tip (kissaki).

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    WOW! I want one!

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      Be careful when holstering your blade, Mag. Dangerous area.

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        nice one! you've been waiting for that, haven't you? glad you've got it in your hot little hands!

        i know a few people who are really good with swords, but i've never been one for blades. i'm more of a 'blunt force trauma' girl, myself! but i'm always in awe of the control these people have. *shivers*

        post more photos of the action!

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          badass man, im sure your stoked, let us know what name you come up with

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            hell yeah, mag!
            very nice

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            a dead person.


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              Awesome Man! [img]/emoticons/cheers.gif[/img] [img]/emoticons/cheers.gif[/img] I can appreciate a good blade and the way it feels like an extension of your arm. Congratulations on your first truely fine blade. [img]/emoticons/cool.gif[/img]

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                Wait a second. Everyone's an artist here, but not one of you has given ANY ideas for a name?! [img]/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img] We could hold a contest!

                How about 'Lethal Swizzle Stick'?

                Seriously, though, that's sweet. Question: is there a repeatable pattern to the blade's sharpened edge? I see those waves, and wonder if it's hand-ground to look a certain way, and I'm just not getting it because of not seeing the entirety of the length...

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                  i'd want to come up with a name myself, if it were my blade

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                    A fine weapon, Mag. Beautifully constructed, and all the more meaningful since it's actually of Japanese make.

                    I collect swords, myself, but I don't have anything quite so fine in my collection. (Mine is geared more toward medieval replicas.) Congrats!

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                      Awesome Magnus!

                      And in celebration of your new Katana...when I went to see my dad this weekend, I watched 'The Last Sumari' with my dad because he has not seen it yet. That movie is awesome!! and Intense!!

                      I'm glad you finally got it and posted some awesome pics for us!!!

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                        nice weapon mag, Like the blade on it. If your ever in boston, let me know U'll have to check out the Japan exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, perhaps the BEST (in the world) such exhibit outside of japan. It has some sweet katanas and samuri armor

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                          Magnus since it's not made of steel how sharp it is, I mean what will it cut? Thanks for breaking down everything, I can honeslty say I knew nothing of what you wrote so it was very intresting to me at least. =)

                          Graphic Design Heroes! Call me Captain Type Caster. I’ve fought off “The Evil Cosmic Sans” for year but it seems “Dr. Extreme Untalent” keeps bringing him back. I must find a way to defeat this evil creature.

                          Capt. Creative bring me those comps…


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                            yeah... will you still be able to run down the street lobbing people's heads off with one swing?

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                            a dead person.


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                              <--- just had dejavu of D-frag's old animated

                              nice blade!

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