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  • lowfatgraphics
    Reply to UX tips
    Hmm This isn't UX, it is UI... Its common to get the two mixed up but having worked in UX and now UI, there is a pretty big difference.

    Now from a UI stand point, there isn't much here...aside...
    Today, 03:52 AM
  • lowfatgraphics
    Reply to Candy Shop Logo
    "S" is tough to read-- looks interesting. the glossy highlights seem to have multiple light sources tho...might want to double check.
    Today, 03:43 AM
  • lowfatgraphics
    Reply to Opinions on My Logo?
    Tough to comment because I'm not aware of its usage...signage or a cup coaster-- how small will it ever be, because at one point the thin tag line with not be readable. So you would have to create a system....
    Today, 03:39 AM
  • lowfatgraphics
    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to invest in a font management software. I've used Suitcase Fusion ($119) before but I've been hearing good things about Font Explorer X Pro ($89).

    Today, 03:18 AM
  • arielr190
    Reply to Opinions on My Logo?
    Changed the fonts, removed the texture, reduced the amount of colors & brightened the orange. better?...
    Today, 02:21 AM
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  • Packers Needed

    OMG I just brought in like 8792374 boxes into my apt.. i need to be moved out by the weekend. I am so0o0o procrastinating.. LOL neone wanna come over n help? i have a ton of smirnoff ice in the fridge. no beer tho ;o. LOL

    moving sucks..

  • #2
    ha! i'm a garbage bag mover.

    and no beer...hmmm...nope. i'm, uh, busy.

    good luck though!

    :: Durable and doable in a swimsuit, yet not designed for surfing, cliff diving, extreme groping and other high-impact activities. ::


    • #3
      lol pft. ill go buy sum for u.. theres a bar next to where i live.


      • #4
        I bought the house I had rented for 8 years just to get out of ever having to move again. It's mind boggling how much crap you can aquire in 8 years. [img]/emoticons/cool.gif[/img]

        I love children but I don't think I could eat a whole one.


        • #5
          yeah, i'm sick of moving.
          good luck, Debz... i'd be happy to come over and help, but i'm really far away. plus, malt beverages have too much sugar for me.

          A moment's absence-
          a dead person.


          • #6
            see? now that's just one more difference between me and you, kool. i'd sell any house i had CRAP INCLUDED just to be rid of it all. just leave town! throwing stuff out can be liberating, but who can be bothered?

            :: Durable and doable in a swimsuit, yet not designed for surfing, cliff diving, extreme groping and other high-impact activities. ::


            • #7
              Yeah but it's all good stuff unc. Especially all the treasures in the big stack of boxes in the basement that have never been unpacked since I moved in here 10 years ago. They are my retirement fund. I figure in 30 years whatever is in there will be valuable again. [img]/emoticons/cool.gif[/img]

              I love children but I don't think I could eat a whole one.


              • #8
                omg. tell that to your kids when you've keeled over and they've got to go through it all. bah! not your problem then, i guess!!

                and by THAT time, anything collectable in those boxes will be worth a fortune...damn. see, i'm a closet pack-rat from a long line of hard-core pack-rats. i recently moved in with the bf, who's favorite hobby is 'reclaiming' other peoples rubbish. f'real. a printer left out in the rain has NO place in my house. nor a matress, nor a stereo. it's pooched.

                but i find your arguments compelling...ah! must resist hoarding....!

                :: Durable and doable in a swimsuit, yet not designed for surfing, cliff diving, extreme groping and other high-impact activities. ::


                • #9
                  moving in the pitz. No beer, No help . ))))))))))))))
                  Find a good dumpter. Make a fresh start.
                  Just don't throw away anything you want to keep.
                  My husband usually takes stuff and throws it away for me when i am not looking and don't notice for years.



                  • #10
                    when you are looking for help to move you can find your true friends... the rest dip out with their endless excuses

                    otto veblin = Zartan

                    'yes here is your logo' - zartan
                    'um dont like it can you add a swoosh?' - zartan
                    'No I am the designer bitch now pay your bill!' - zartan
                    - client leaves -


                    • #11
                      LOL well when we moved in here 3mths ago i tossed a LOT out. i still have a lot of tossing to do. heheheh.

                      Can u blieve this will be my 5th place living in 2 years!?!? and one of the places i lived at for like 16months! HA!


                      • #12
                        ~Good friends help you move.
                        True friends will help you move a body.~
                        I hate moving.

                        "Merry-Go-Round Broke Down! A fairly looney selection for a bunch of drunken reprobates!!"
                        I could give you a dose
                        but it would never come close
                        to the rage built up inside of me
                        fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy


                        • #13
                          Wait a minute, you live next to a bar and you are going to move? Are you serious???
                          That would be the perfect dwelling, if it had a liquor store on the other side it could be considered paradis in my book (LOL). Lots of alcohol and drunk checks all over the place every night, WOO!

                          allen harkleroad<a target="_blank" href="mailto:H@rklerod" target=_blank>
                          </A>"Sleeping on the job.... again"

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                          Get inside my head at

                          Allen Harkleroad
                          Father of Graphic Design Forum

                          "Bored? Who has time to be bored?"


                          • #14
                            LOL If i stay i wont be able to afford to drink If i move home ill be able to drink untill i pass out everyday!! Buahaha!


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