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  • movie Review Weekend of September 18

    A little late but here it is.

    Alien Vs Predator

    I finally got to see this and i have to tell you that I loved it. I expected just a knock down drag out battle and that's what I got. With a little character developing (on the Predator's part) that was a good added bonus.

    The basics, Weathy billionaire played by a great Lance Henriksen (and no, he is no way related to the Bishop character in the Alien series) finds a pyramid in Antarctica underneath an ice shelf. After brining a team together to dig and find out what is going on with this. when they get there they see that an old whaling station lies on top of the ice shelf and it was (or it seemed) abandoned in 1904. Well after they find a mysterious tunnel that leads to the pyramid they make their way down to find said pyramid. Of course they find remanants of aliens. but not knowing what is going on here. soon the Predators show up and the aliens get lose and all hell breaks lose and after that it's a survival story in the middle of a war.

    what I really liked was how they tied the Predators in with the histroy of the world. the predators taught humans how to build pyramids way back when and we worshiped them. they built this one pyramid (that was just found) as a place of rite of passage for younger predators. Every 100 years they send predators to this pyramid to hunt aliens (which they keep locked up and then let go for the hunt). It's a great little back story.

    Now this isn't a thinker of a movie. Complete action pretty much from beginning to end. but I loved every damn minute of it. Both Aliens and Predators never looked better. I have always been partial to the Predators cause they are hunters and the aliens are just fodder. Primative thinkers, there is not much to them.

    If your a fan of these movies and haven't seen this, what are you waiting for? My wife HATED it, but that was to be expected. Chicks don't know good poop.

    Cool poop for sure!

    Napoleon Dynamite

    This is the little movie that could. Very rarely do we see a movie that gains stregnth on word of mouth. But every now and then you get one. finally went to see this cause the wife has been loving the trailers.

    It's quirky to say the least.

    Napoleon is this loser dork in a small town in Idaho (do they have big towns there?). He's a weird guy and everyone seems to know it at his high school. but the strange thing is you get a sense that he doesn't think he is weird. He lives with his grand ma and his brother Kip, who is just as weird. After grand ma gets hurt is a dirt bike accident (?), Napoleon's Uncle Rico comes to take care of him and Kip (who is 32 years old). rico is stuck in 1982 and pines over how he could have been a huge football star (he goes as far asd to make tapes of him throwing footballs). Rico and Kip plan this scheme to sell tupperware to people so they can buy a time machine so Rico can go back to 1982 and do the right thing to make him a star. Very bizarre. In all this Napoleon meets Summer, a girl at his high school that is a little weird as well. also he meets new kid Pedro who is just as sedated as Napoleon seems to be thru out the movie. Pedro runs for class president and Napoleon helps him out, that's basically the movie.

    It has it's funny moments cause Napoleon is so weird, his attitude is very stand offish to people, he thinks everyone is an idiot and that gains a chuckle. but the whole story is very weird. It never really goes anywhere, nor does it have any real point. It's an MTV movie, so I'm not surprised. I think it is popular just because it is cool to be popular. I don't think many of today's kids get it at all. It's just the cool thing to see. you have to like this type of humor to enjoy it. I thought it was ok... just not my cup of tea.

    nothing on DVD this week that I saw. But I just bought the Star Wars Trilogy and I will watch it this weekend and give a review on that. the Forgotten comes out in the theatres this week, I want to see that. Looks creepy, also Catwoman is at the dollar theatre...perfect!

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    Great reviews Defjoe. I have heard nothing but bad reviews of Alien vs Predator but yours is the one I trust.

    I love children but I don't think I could eat a whole one.


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      it's crap Kool... people go in expecting too much.

      A story? why? I want to see a cool @ss fight and that's what I saw.

      'I will become the most powerful Jedi ever!'

      'I'm the damn designer, bitches!'
      "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

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        Yeah...people expected a rated R version of AVP, to coincide with the ALIEN series and Predator 1 and 2. Many cult fans were disappointed that the scary, violent and goary mixture that were the first films wasn't carried through the much awaited AVP. However, any fans of the darkhorse series of AVP should know the movie was a fantastic portrayal of the 2 specie's standoff with each other with humans in the middle.

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          I really liked Napoleon Dynamite. Every second of the movie was hilarious. It helps to be in a theatre of people laughing their heads off, but I think I will get the DVD anyway. Excellent!!

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            lol ill have to check out the napoleon one. I love stupid humor.


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              LOL @ the 'lil movie that could'!
              Great reviews Joe!!

              I saw 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' monday night. I wasn't really interested in seeing it at first but it was pretty good. Angelina should have had a bigger part I think but her character suited her well.

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                I can see that point (Rated R). but I think it was good enough and it delivered, like you said, per the comics.

                'I will become the most powerful Jedi ever!'

                'I'm the damn designer, bitches!'
                "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

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                  I saw Napoleon Dynamite. 3 times so far, each time dragging new people to the theater. I love that movie!

                  "Napoleon, you're just jealous because I've been chatting to babes online all afternoon."

                  "This is probably the worst video ever made." "Like you could even know that, Napoleon."

                  I also loved Garden State. Another wonderful movie. Now I have to sit on my hands and wait for The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

                  Or I could just go home and watch Withnail and I for the umpteenth time.

                  I WANT SOMETHING'S FLESH!


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                    I need to see ND. I also never got to see Harold and Kumar. I love stupid-but-funnies.

                    Last night I watched Matchstick Men. I wasn't expecting anything, but I LOVED it.

                    Great reviews, Joe!

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                      I chuckled a few times...but nowhere near Airplane or tommy Boy funny which both had me pissing in my pants.

                      'I will become the most powerful Jedi ever!'

                      'I'm the damn designer, bitches!'
                      "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

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                        That musta been messy pissin urself like that..


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                          I have been wanting to see N. D. for a while the DJoe has put his stamp on it I will go....

                          thanks DefJoe excellent stuff

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                            I saw Cellular on Friday. Wasn't too bad. I was half expecting it to be as stupid as Phone Booth, but this one actually had a small twist and acting was decent.

                            It is about a family. The wife, Jessica (Kim Basinger), gets kidnapped and her captors try to get information on her husband. She knows nothing, so they leave her in the attic. She picks up the pieces of the shattered telephone and messes with wires until she gets a hold of Ryan (Chris Evans) on his cell phone. He then helps her through various obstacles and gets the cops (William H. Macy in particular) involved. All the while trying to figure out what the bad guys want with this family.


                            It is a decent film with a lot of action and humor. It is worth the watch.

                            Anyone seen Hero or Sky Captain? They look good.

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                              no problem perm...I aim to please

                              'I will become the most powerful Jedi ever!'
                              'I'm the damn designer, bitches!'

                              Check out my indie comic book!
                              "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

                              Check out my indie comic books at and






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