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Anyone have Near Death Experinces?

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  • Anyone have Near Death Experinces?

    Me and my mom were chatting.. and she told me about the chickie who died from drinkin at the college when she was a spokesperson from DARE n yadda yadda.. BUT Anywho..

    I should be dead rite now. Something saved me.. I dunno what. I drank way too much when i was 17. Someone loves me. [img]/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img]

    SO Neone else have a interestin story? if its personal i am sry ;/ just tryin to think of sum stuff to talk about since im am totally antiwork today.

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    5 years ago I was going to cincinatti ohio for a tourny with a friend of mine. We were following another car of friends ahead of us. It was pouring rain and the guy in front of us decided to speed up as we were running late, so my friend followed next thing you know the car spun out...from the very right lane to the very left lane. To this day i think about how lucky we were that no cars hit us...there was oncoming traffic and all i saw were lights every where. As we came to a halt i knew that someone was watching over me that day.


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      about 2 years i was at the skate park, skating. no helmet or anything. anyway... you know where this is going. i was alone, but there were a couple of other people there. i was trying new stuff. next thing i know i'm in an ambulance for a second then i wake up again in the hospital... fractured melon and blood clot on my brain. had a seizure at the park too. spent a couple of days at the hospital which wasn't too bad because it was my first time there and they gave me morphine anytime i wanted it. all i had to do was tell them what day it was and my name! i've been skating for over ten years and that was the first time i seriously hurt myself... still skate though. still dont wear pads, but i usually stay away from the park. just street skate. the doctor told me that if someone wasn't there with a cell phone i might not have made it. he also said that in this case a helmet wouldn't have helped too much, probably wouldn't have fractured my gulliver, but that's it.

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        Every day.
        Especially when an outsource calls on the due date and starts with, 'ummm....'

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          No, but I had a near Death Star experience once.

          Just for you Joe!

          Actually, I did. I was hit by a car when I was in 2nd grade. I, of course, don't remember a thing but my dad says if I'd been just a little to the right I'd have gone right under the tires. Splatto, no more Holliday.


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            Hey synp, board or blade? Did anyone see what trick you were attempting? I once nearly killed myself dropping into a pool at a park in St. Augestine. Shallow end was 6 foot, deep end was 9. I was trying to go full force and to not hesitate (which is how people usually fk up), and I leaned a little too far forward. My head smacked the bottom of the pool, but luckily I was wearing a helmet. Got the wind knocked out of me for a good 20 minutes, but it's all good.

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              I died in hospital. Lungs stopped. Heart stopped.

              Didn't see anything though. no 'tunnel of light' or anything.

              Just woke up a week later. Had to stay for about a month.

              I think there's a bit 'o brain damage though... can't do some of the things I used to be able to do.

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                I was held up and gun point and saw my life flash before my eyes, does that count?

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                  I would say so!

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                    yeah, i would say so too.

                    good thing you had a helmet on, Delete. i've seen that same thing happen at the park by my house. it's a public, skate at your own risk place, so most people, unfortunately, choose to not wear any pads.
                    inliner! yeah, yeah, i know... anyway nobody i talked to saw what i was trying, but i know i was doing some new combos down a kinked rail and the skateboarders said that's where it happened. apparently some little inline kid was there with his mom and right before it happened he told her to watch me cause i was good. she saw the whole thing and called the people for me. poor kid prolly isn't allowed to skate anymore. in like 15 years he's going to hunt me down and make me pay for ruining his childhood.

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                    a dead person.


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                      awwee WOW i cant believe how many people have. I was just kinda curious since me and my moms were talkin bout how lucky i was. damn. Were all Lucky!


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                        True story, I remember a couple of years ago someone, who didn't know I was nearby, said "All read headed boys are ugly" to one of her friends talking about "hot guys"...she was pretty close to a neardeath experienceafter saying that.

                        Seriously though, a couple of weeks ago I had to work at 7 in the morning, and right before I got to the first intersection of the city I work at, there was a huge accident and about nine police cars at the bottom of the curve/hill before happened like 5 minutes before I got there. O.K., accidents happen and it wasn't like I was there when it happened...but I was actually running about five minutes late for work, so that could have been me had I left on time; I'm never late for work except for that one day. That's about as near-death as it gets for me...we don't really have drive-by's or anything in rural Iowa (redundant statement of the century)

                        Turned out that the car going into town veered into the other lane and collided head-on with someone getting off of third shift. The third shift worker was a 40 year old mother and the car that accidentally veered was a 16 year old high school girl. The collision happened on a stretch of 55 mph road that most people speed on; sadly both of them were killed instantly. Here's what's even worse...the girl's father was following her into town and he saw the whole thing.

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                          Ohmygod thats horrible......... I couldnt imagine watching someone i care about make a mistake and die.. OMG.. Good thing u were running late.






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