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  • Friday post lite

    Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend! [img]/emoticons/cheers.gif[/img] [img]/emoticons/cheers.gif[/img]

    I have been so concerned with you know, life and all, that I actually forgot that yesterday was Thursday (when I actually write this thing) Have a great one all. [img]/emoticons/cool.gif[/img]

    I love children but I don't think I could eat a whole one.

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    haaaaaaapppppy fridaaaaaaay everyone!
    whew... it's been a long week, but i have high hopes for this weekend.
    hope everyone enjoys theirs as much as i plan to enjoy mine!!!

    A moment's absence-
    a dead person.


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      Thats A O K with me Kool. Have a great weekend everyone. I need to sleep I feel like my nose is dripping all over my keyboard. YUCK!

      Graphic Design Heroes! Call me Captain Type Caster. I’ve fought off “The Evil Cosmic Sans” for year but it seems “Dr. Extreme Untalent” keeps bringing him back. I must find a way to defeat this evil creature.

      Capt. Creative bring me those comps…


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        Kool, I feel for ya, I had a job that I had to break free from. I think you need to Watch Glengary Glenn Ross to get inspired in ways to tell your boss off. That and watch office space. They give a lot of crap over nothing. I'm hoping the weekend helps ya unstress. Also Gives ya time to consider your options

        ~Everyday, All the Time, Without Fail!
        "I has puter, I isam dsgna?!"


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          have a great weekend all, hang in there Kool, in all situations there's a lesson to be learned, what that is may only be known by you.


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            Happy Friday GDF people!!

            Kool - good luck in whatever to decide! If you need someone to talk to, you know where to find me!

            Hope everyone has a great weekend! I don't have any major plans but I think I'll go hear some bands downtown saturday night and drink some beer bc beeeeeeer goooooood ) I will spend numerous amounts of time checking out the status to see when my laptop will be sent out! Can't be soon enough for me! Oh and there is that thing called yard work I have to do too....heh

            Boobie Island or Bust!
            I blog, you blog, we all blog!


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              Hope everything works out for you, Kool. Happy Friday everyone! *in L'il Jon voice* YAAAAAAYA!

              Support Music and Arts Education | | 'You have no chance to win.' | GDF Mac Death Squad, Son


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                A moment's absence-
                a dead person.


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                  I can't wait for the hurricane to come! Yeaaaa another one, bring them on it's fun!

                  (sarcasm mode off now)

                  'I will become the most powerful Jedi ever!'
                  'I'm the damn designer, bitches!'

                  Check out my indie comic book!
                  "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

                  Check out my indie comic books at and


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                    Don't worry Bob, things will pick up for all of us...someday....heheh.

                    "It's not cheating if you win."

                    - A VERY wise person.


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                      Good Friday to all! Sure do need a vacation but I'll have to deal with just weekends for awhile. Been a long week! Kool...hang in there!

                      When I die, I have a free ride to Heaven! I will have alreadydone my time in the local printshop!!


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                        All the Florida GDFers:

                        Let's hear it for being in the Cone of Death! Woohooo!!!!

                        Support Music and Arts Education | | 'You have no chance to win.' | GDF Mac Death Squad, Son


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                          oh happy friday.....happy friday...happy friday............


                          Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists.... When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been lost. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence.


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                            all weekend i've got to be in 13 different places at the same time. doesn't matter what chunk of time you pick - i'm double-booked.

                            so, i've decided to just roll with it! i can't stand having to be places on someone else's schedule, (it causes me the stress), so i'm just going to plan it all out and roll with the punches. i'll end up not being SOMEWHERE a few times, so those people can accept my apology whilst they're sucking on a lemon!

                            no matter what happens, i'm gonna be a happy camper. it'll be SUPERannoying.

                            :: Durable and doable in a swimsuit, yet not designed for surfing, cliff diving, extreme groping and other high-impact activities. ::


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                              Friday is just another day for Paris Hilton, but it's FRIDAY!!!! A Great Day for the rest of us!!

                              And as you go through life remember this quote;

                              'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.' Edmund Burke







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