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  • Laptop Blues...

    Well, it's not laptop, but I have to ask about it on behalf of my instructor.

    Bill (my iaido instructor) just bought a laptop off of ebay, it's using Windows XP, and has a duel CDRW-DVD ROM. Well, he' can't get it to work, nor is he able to track down the specific drivers for that make. I think it's an offshoot of Lucent Technologies.

    What he wants to know, is if he loads a different type of DVD-ROM software onto his laptop, will he still need the drivers to work the DVD, or will the software just recognize that it's there and use it?

    See, the CDRW part of it works fine, but when he puts a DVD in, it just makes a "trying to read it" sound.

    So what do you gusy think? I was wondering if a generic driver might help...but if Windows already knows the CDRW is there, why wouldn't the DVD work?

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    might need DVD player softtware, something like WIN-DVD

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      2nd what Drorain said. Unfortunately, the dvd/cd drives on laptops tend to cause a lot of problems although the ones made inthe past year or so aren't as bad as ones made prior to that since the technology keeps getting more precise. My first attempt would be a DVD player software product to see if that remedies the situation. In my old laptop the dvd drive went bad and actually fried my whole computer. Of course, it was a compaq and they can kiss my fat tail ... horrible company IMO, but it just goes to show how one not neccessarily essential component can effect overall operations on a machine.

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        Solution: buy and apple ibook or Powerbook. No worries!

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          +1 i'm w/jason..

          but...maybe if he reformatted it??


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            Oh piss off you mac a$$ kissers.

            Perhaps you need to read D-frag's thread about his mac laptop and how bad it took a shit on him?

            The next person that waves either a pro mac or pro pc flag gets edited.

            Thanks to those that helped.

            "It's not cheating if you win."

            - A VERY wise person.


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              LOL @ Magnus! Here here!!

              Doesn't matter what you buy..sometimes they crap out, sometimes they don't. It was bought on eBay..there is not telling what it went through before your instructor bought it. Doesn't have anything to do with which platform it was. I would follow Drorains suggestion of getting some DVD software.

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                Reinstall XP always when buying a used machine, you never know what kinda crap is on there. Secondly, what make and model is his DVDR? I would highly suggest getting a DVD player software, have him try there should be some free ones on there. Thirdly, depending on what make and model it is, they will have different drivers for each model, sometimes they have unified ones, hes gonna have to play around with different drivers until it works, for example, my 5.1 creative soundcard, will only work perfectly with a patch from 2002, if I use the newer patch my sound goes to crap, its all trial and error. hope that helps.

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                  Many times, if it's a major brand like a Dell or Compaq/HP, you can visit the website and look in the technical support section. There will usually be a list of all the major drivers for each model of PC, and all will be the most up-to-date that have been tested by the company. I've noticed that they usually have updated WinDVD or PowerDVD software there as well (if the unit actually came from the OEM with a DVD-ROM drive installed). You can download it legally, and it usually won't ask for any codes, but will only work on the particular brand which it was meant for.

                  As for drivers, they shouldn't be needed in XP. Microsoft's drivers cover 99.5% of all -ROM drives, at least for reading.

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