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    I'm currently in the process of setting up a website that'll sort of serve as an online portfolio that my friends and family can check out to see what I'm up to. While it's unlikely that my school stuff would get pirated for anything (I have some project designs that this post may apply to), I'm somewhat concered about the designs I've done on the side that were specifically designed to be used for print work. My friends who use these designs know that they're to email me for the original files. I don't charge for the designs as they are for my volunteer work, so it's not like I'm going to lose money if someone steals them. Basically, I just don't want anyone saving them and passing them off as their own. Also, as I am still in school, having designs put into production is gold. I want to be able to arrange to get a copy of the final product for my portfolio.

    The way I'm setting this up is that I'm going to have all the images on one page, and when you click on the image it links to a larger version. Should I put an unobtrusive watermark over the image, like Corbis does? I'm going to make it very clear on the main page that the files are free and to email me if a person wants the files.

    Am I being too paranoid? How have you guys handled this in the past?


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    Michelle, I'd definitely put a watermark on the pics! Why give someone the satisfaction of getting good artwork for free, especially students who're looking to quickly 'flesh out' their portfolio?! No one will be affected by it, especially if all they have to do is email you for the art.

    Better yet, don't give them the files, ever! If they want it, ask that they pay a minimal fee to have it printed, and find a good large-format print shop who'll do it for you individually. You'd probably be best off PM'ing PrintDriver, as I know he's into large-format work and could guide you on which printers to look for for fine art one-offs.

    Finally, as for setting up the site, if you're able to handle some slight programming, try Gallery ( for a great album site script. If you're not into 'tweaking code', pick up a copy of Photoshop Albums, which has a great HTML album generator, and can even help you manage the site.

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