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    Im sure the majority of you have never heard of this school, maybe their are other school's out there that run a facility like this. Im outraged at their most recent commercials.

    The commercial starts out like this.

    A young girl is on screen and says 'You think differently then normal people don't you. You've always been interested in movies, marketing, and studios. Well now you can have that, and you don't need to be an artist, we will show you how'

    Does this strike anyone as wierd? That you don't have to be an 'artist' to work in our field. Its funny because 'guber' one of our members messaged me about coming out to school in AZ and attending Collins College. It only took me one message to change his mind, the fact is that alot of employers out their right now, and in the past have put in very big bold letters at the bottom of there classified ads 'NO AL COLLINS STUDENTS NEED APPLY'

    Al collins college actually used to be a very reputable college here when Al was still alive and he was running it, but after he died his sons sold the business and it has been enrolling students, and graduating them at alarming rates. Not only that, but it seems The Art Institute, and Collins college have just spit out graduates like candy, with no one being held back for artwork that is less then satisfactory. The point is, your hard earned $$$ is just paying for a piece of paper, nowadays Art schools don't care if you are an artist or not, bottom line, they want your money, and they will graduate you without you having one bit of knowledge about the industry. This should scare the crap out of the real artist that are attending colleges and getting the same grade as joe shmo who never was an 'artist' and thinks that knowing the technical side is going to land him a job, after all, he thinks differently remember.

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    Sounds liked a f'kd up school, but i would think that even with a degree, any designer without a decent portfolio would be hard-pressed to find substantial work, anyways.

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      Damn, sounds like the college I went to. It's sad that all they're interested in is money and a high passing percentage.

      There was a guy in my class who used some vector art off google for his final major. But because it was only a jpeg version, about 20mmx50mm and needed it larger, he dragged it into a new document with a resolution of 20pdi so it would fill a A4 page! I remember telling him to redraw it and his answer was 'er... that would be a lot of work,' F@*king moron... and he PASSED... so on paper he's just as qualified as me.

      Luckily this industry is based on your portfolio rather than grades.


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        That sucks. I dunno how SCAD is now but when I was there you had to work your ass off and only got the grade you TRULY deserved! My professors could tell when I didn't put forth my best effort and they were not afraid to let me know. I'm glad I did NOT attend a college like Collins!!

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          Yeah.. I see it in my school.. It seems as tho I could do a LOT less work and still get an A. But im trying to Push myself and teach myself new things as well as learn from the classes... I do have to admit my distance learning Ad Layout class im only doing for the damn grade.. I cant get into the Distance Learning classes.. Its not the same at all.. i dont feel like im learning.

          I do see some guys do crapty work but i dont know what there grades are. Id love to know.

          I still dont consider myself an 'artist' dunno y.. lol Do u guys?

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            I dunno...I consider myself an artist!

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            I blog, you blog, we all blog!


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              i dont feel like one. lol ive always made stuff. just considered myself creative? lol

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              I will end terrorism</font>, Stupidity</font>, Laziness</font> and eliminate all the slackers who drag us down</font>. Do not screw wit me.. buahaha! Debz & DD - 2004</font>






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