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what other forums do you all visit?

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  • what other forums do you all visit?

    Not like this isn't the COOLEST forum in the world, but....

    I have some other it goes

    Mountain biking


    Hiking and Mountain Climbing

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    the one in my sig (well the one that is from that site)

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      I visit the ones at gamefaqs every now and then.

      I drop by webmasterworld and siteexperts sometimes too.

      Then I always check slashdot and

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        3dattack, swiftdev, cgtalk, kirupa, macworld, gdf, of course are my regular forums.

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          ONCE in a blue moon, I'll visit forums for XM Radio. I tried to get into Keenspace's forum (online comic artist), but there's just something that isn't appealing about ten pages to threads asking you what you like to drink while drawing.

          Only one I'm always on is this one. Just like it. Therapeutical. Not to mention I'm so bored with my job that it keeps me somewhat stimulated. Oooh, look at the pretty birdy.....

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            I used to do the gamefaqs thing, but just too many negative jerks there (some of their personalities rubbed off on me, I'm trying to rub it off of myself) to warrant setting up the new account...that and minimized interest and less time to play games.

            Otherwise, this is just about all I have time for...but then again, I'm real selective, and GDF is the only forum site that meets my superficial, high standards!

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            • #7
              a couple of forums on the Southwest Missouri State Bears sports, the Forums at and to keep up with things around town here.


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                DFuture, you're at SMS? I graduated from SMS!

                womenoffaith-ultracons forum...pure entertainment, I'm not Christian
       like to go fast.

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        ,, and :P

                  But i hang out here most.. stopped postin on 7thgen awhiles ago just too many posts to keep up w/ and autorush is buncha pplz i knew when i was with bob.

                  plz.. no more sales.. plz!!!



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                    I frequent

                    There are several others I hit from time to time, but focaljet forums are my favorite.

                    If it's cars I want, it's FJ...if it's graphic's here... [img]/emoticons/lol.gif[/img] This place is cool.

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                      What, cheat on GDF? I could never! Ha!

                      Actually I don't have enough time on here let alone any others. The only other ones that I have looked at is the HOW one and the forum. Unfortunately for them, they just don't compare to good ole GDF!

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                        Well I started typing a couple out, and realized I visit waaaaaaay to many forums. These are my top 3

               - for my local punk rock needs.

               - for my local rave scene

               - these guys basically sponsor me at events.


                        Thanks to vend3r for the sig

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                            cycleforums.....and gdf...thats about it...oh wait...and militarypride....


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                              I am always on GDF, every day... it's my internet home!

                              but I also drop in on but there is too much testosterone (sp?) in there.
                              And the chicks are too into themselves, it's pointless to even post in there.






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