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    Today I took my little girl to school for the first time, her first day. It was magic.
    I hope I will still be here to see her on her last day at school many years from now, but there is a little pearl, a precious memory, a moment in my life I can hang on to as one of those happiest of happiest moments.

    My heart is full of happiness and I hope to share some of it with you now with this post.
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    All my crew goes back Tuesday .... can I hear a collective Hallalujah!!

    It will be special again for us next year when the boy goes for the first time

    That first day of school is always bittersweet ..... you are proud of them but you know this is the first step to them no longer being a baby *sigh*
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      How many of you can remember your first day of school?
      I can. Quite vividly, from both mom and dad walking me up there, (we lived within what then was considered walking distance about 3/4 mile), what I wore, even what the crossing guard looked like. It was a very strange day.


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        Very cute Snef

        I hid under this kiddie picnic table we had in our "play room" forever. So long that I missed my bus and my parents had to drive me in
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          I remember my first day of kindergarten, first day riding a bus. White cardigan, brown dress shoes (I don't remember that exactly, there's a picture in the family album). I do remember that my Mom made me a nametag on a plain white piece of paper, then when I got to school, the teacher had a bunch of prefab ones that she made for all the kids, save me, since I already had one. So I started my acedemic career with a D.I.Y. attitude. Haven't changed much, I guess, except that now I favor colored cardigans and black shoes.
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            I remember my first day. I wore a white dress with a green diagonal stripe. How do I remember ... because I think my Mom took 100 pictures lol ... and that was back in the day you needed to get them developed
            Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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              I remember mine. I was totally fine with it. My mom often brought me places and left me there for the day. Not in a discarding type of way. But I was born with hearing problems, so when I was 3 I had an operation on my ears, and from the age of 3 - 5 I was in speech therapy. I was sorta used to my mom bring me to places and a classroom type situation. I was completely fine with it. I do remember some people balling their eyes out and I was like "Why are they crying, weirdos?"

              What I did next was pretty cool. As I was having speech therapy for 2 years (twice a week) I was used to sitting there with books in front of me. And to help me with my speech my Dad used to get me to read out lines of "basic code" from the ZX Spectrum magazines. And he'd input them. Then he'd let me input it. I was like 4. When I was in school on our first day we were asked to draw a picture. And I was ok, no problemo. And I wrote a little description under picture to say "This is our living room and this is my family watching movies" and I put the names of all the family members.

              Well, my mom came to pick me up that day. And the teacher burst out the door shouting "YOUR SON", and my mom was like "OMG what happened???!?!" and then the teacher blurted out "He can read and write ALREADY!" and the other parents looked on in amazement! And my mom shrugged her shoulders and laughed saying "That's nothing he wrote a computer program before he came to school". Took me away, leaving the other parents astonished!

              That was my first day. Epic.

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                Aww Snefs, ya softie! Actually The Boy starts pre-school next week, so I kind of understand.

                Thinking back to me starting kindergarten, I don't remember much about the bus ride or school day itself. One weird thing I do remember is lying in bed the night before and thinking that it was a pretty big deal that I was starting school in the morning, not really looking forward to it, just seeing it as something I had to do because I was growing up.

                I was pretty excited about my new black and white striped book bag. I believe later on I stamped all over the white stripes with a Mr. T stamper I got out of a cereal box.

                I remember meeting my classmates and being relieved that I already knew a few of them.






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