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  • This weeks Friday Post 9/9

    Have a great weekend everybody!!!

    Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
    We have a pet name for our printer, well I shouldn't say printer because it's one of those printer, copier, scanner, stapler, fax, X-ray, omelette maker conglomerations. Hence, a "MultiFunction Device" or "MFD" as the the sales rep that trained us on its many operations referred to it. We probably say MFD more ruefully and with more emphasis on the MF part than the company rep did though. Actually I can't complain about the print quality, just that most of the interface is geared more toward the photocopier aspect than the printer and carefully crafted to frustrate and confuse.

    Need to cancel a print job quickly? Quick! Slap the big red STOP button. Oh right, that works for everything BUT the printer. So how do you cancel a print job? It's 4 levels deep in a menu system that uses vague language, never anything helpful and direct like "Cancel Print Job." What the Hell is going on? The touch screen isn't responding, the printer is happily spewing out page after page of postscript error, it should be woken up, I'm helplessly pushing buttons, why doesn't the screen respond? Ahah, I need to lift the copier lid, that wakes up the screen. Oh well, no need to rush anymore. Out of paper.

    Oh MFD, what will you think of next?
    Originally posted by Lithonate View Post
    For some reason this morning people were acting less like they were driving to work and more they were in the grand marshal in the rose parade. PANCAKING DRIVE!!!!
    Originally posted by Broacher View Post
    It's like Groucho said, " I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member".

    But I'm sure you'll ace the test we have here for smartassedness. It's pretty easy. You just sit on some ice cream.
    Originally posted by Rachel B View Post
    Phew, I'd hate to fail the s.a test. So embawassing... but what's ice cream got to do w it?

    Originally posted by Broacher View Post
    Well, if you're a such a smartass...

    you should be able to tell us the flavour.
    Originally posted by Virgo Nightingale View Post
    Most kids eat crayons. I ate the coloring book.
    Originally posted by maynardsayswhat View Post
    I thought it was strange that the buy-in was photos of my feet but figured it was part of some fantasy football tradition or something.
    Originally posted by Broacher View Post
    If it's for your personal use, it's your personal call.

    For example, I always airbrush out my rakish good looks, rippling abs, and certain body bulges -- just to prevent undo duress by innocent female viewers.
    Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
    Quintuple-triple-ex! Wow, that's where they blindfold the videographer right?
    Originally posted by Rachel B View Post
    oh what a delight! I've found a community of smartasses. I am home!
    Originally posted by Audentia View Post
    Rode a stuffed giant sized unicorn with a wooden spoon as my sword convinced that if I yelled "She-Ra princess of power" loud enough while pointing my sword in the air that something magical would happen and whisk me away to some awesome castle to be a princess.
    While many kids did things like this I did it for years, always hoping it would one day work.
    Originally posted by Bladez View Post
    ^^^ I caught her doing this just the other day....
    Originally posted by Virgo Nightingale View Post
    That's what I'm here for Bladez. Moderate occasionally, be silly once in a while, and make other members toss their cookies the rest of the time.
    Originally posted by The Artist View Post
    Apparently the *bleep bleeps* changed their *bleeping* minds and are re-arranging the entire *bleeping* display that I shot, color corrected, touched up in PS which comprised of about 10 *bleeping* hours and which made me stay *bleeping* late tuesday night.


    I probably won't be posting the rest of the day due to said *bleeping* project.

    Originally posted by LeftBrain Artist View Post
    I just noticed the tp short widths last week. We've got a cutsey tp holder in the bathroom at work that has two triangular projections that hold the tp roll from the sides - rather than a collapsible cylinder that runs the length of the roll.

    After taking the Browns to the Superbowl, I gave a hearty yank on the tp as usual to get sufficient waddage to banish the bunghole demons and the roll went flying onto floor cuz the rolls are now too short to stay securely on the projections.

    Thanks crummy economy. Thanks a lot.
    Originally posted by D-Frag View Post
    I still think a good tea bagging would clear that up Ckret.... on second thought, that might be how you got the shingles
    Originally posted by frankster View Post
    Lol! The title to this thread tickled me. My first thought was that your problem must be that you have touched an alien device and slipped into another dimension within our own universe and have essentially become out of phase with the rest of us. I saw this on stargate once. Very serious situation.

    But wait! How are you typing this to us!?!? You must have someone there with you, but in this dimension, that knows you are trapped and you are pressing a button on the alien device that crosses the dimension gap and so can morse code your message to them.

    I'm going to go and physically harm myself now as pennace for talking about startgate on a public forum.

    bad frank, wht-tsh! wht-tshh! Aiiooowwwwwch! I am shamed.

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    Woot!!! It's Friday for REALS!!!

    Thanks for the quotes Kool!

    Hubby's got a gig opening for Jeffrey Gaines, who's best known for an acoustic cover of In Your Eyes he did about 10 years ago. Should be a fun gig!

    Everyone have a good weekend, but remember to keep the victims of September 11th in your hearts and minds this anniversary weekend.
    Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.



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      Sweet Baby Jesus it's Friday!!!

      Got my mag off to press yesterday, should have my proof on Monday. Today...I'm going to take it easy I think.

      No real plans lined up for this weekend until Sunday. Then it's paintball. Afterwards, I get to go from the field, straight to Audi's parents place for dinner. Hope I can use their shower!!

      Enjoy your weekend kids!! Summer is closing down, so if you've got good weather, make the best of it!
      Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time.
      | Karl Marx |

      A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.
      | Guy Fawkes |

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        Ah, I see you found the right thread Virgo.

        Thanks for the quotage Kool. This week had teh funny!

        I'm looking forward to a nice quiet weekend if I can get through this ridiculously busy Friday!
        This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
        "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."


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          Is it OK to BUMP this thread from last Friday?

          Let's see. My little guy is sick at home with the wifie today.
          We were planning on going to Famous Dave's for some chain-restaurant quality BBQ food (I have a BOGO coupon from my birthday) so not sure if that is still in the mix or just do carryout.

          Saturday is a trip to Costco!
          Sunday is NFL football afternoon!!! Go home teams.
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            hahaha i missed the broacher/ rachel convo that was great. thanks for the quote as always kool!

            tonight will be mellow, tomorrow we are having a surprise bday party for one of my buddies at my place. going to fire up the smoker and do a few pork shoulders for pulled pork.

            have a great weekend everyone and give a moment on sunday to honor all the brave rescue workers and innocent people that lost their lives 10 years ago.

            "There's something about turning the pages of a book or magazine and the felling of rubbing your hands across the words."

            This is my pen tool. There are many like it, but this one is MINE. My pen tool is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My pen tool without me is useless. Without my pen tool, I am useless.

            there is no grey area when it comes to 1 color logos.


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              Nice collection of quotes this week! It was a pretty good week at the GDF which made me think of my not-so-good week in the office lol.

              Enjoy the weekend everyone!
              Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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                Greate quotage as usual kool.

                Have a great weekend y'all.


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                  Tis' once again my favorite part of Friday

                  That classic Frankster kills me

                  Nicely Done Sir Kool!

                  Have a super weekend everyone!!!

                  No big plans here ... who knows where the weekend shall take me lol

                  Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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                    Yay Friday! Our local Pirate Festival opens tomorrow, so husband and I will be there in full garb, saying Yarr and getting loopy on mead and heavy ales.

                    Have a great one everybody! Yarr.
                    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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                      Yeah for quotes! I haven't been one in awhile, how exciting.

                      This poor unicorn is just drowning in magazine layouts and ads and pushing through the weekend for a deadline that was in fact LAST friday. *sigh*
                      I'm so in the wrong industry man. We will see how it all plays out.
                      I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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                        Yes! Finally Friday!
                        Great quotes as always Kool!
                        This has been such a looooong week for me.... I think i've worked almost 60 hours... Sooooo tired.....
                        Romans 14:11


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                          Well hidey hi kids! Remember me?

                          (I'm hearing crickets...oh that late summer sound...)

                          Popping in to say hey again and to catch up on everything, looks like it's as crazy as ever here judging by the QOTW's!! Carry on!! Happy Friday to you all!
                          Reformed Stepford Bubble Popper, The Bottom Three (Charter Member), Spankin' a Pita™

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                          I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.'—Kurt Vonnegut


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                            tulippppppppppp! pip pip pip pip

                            "There's something about turning the pages of a book or magazine and the felling of rubbing your hands across the words."

                            This is my pen tool. There are many like it, but this one is MINE. My pen tool is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My pen tool without me is useless. Without my pen tool, I am useless.

                            there is no grey area when it comes to 1 color logos.


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                              **shoos crickets out of the way before commencing with tacklehug because nobody likes being covered in bug guts**






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