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Today is 9/10/11

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  • Today is 9/10/11

    and very soon it will be 9/10/11 12:13:14 here in Central Daylight Time.

    No, it doesn't mean anything, but I might just buy a lottery ticket.

    And yes, I realize in most of the rest of the world it's 10/9/11, so don't bother.
    This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
    "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."

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    I realized that as I was at the bank this morning. Totally slipped my mind to post it.


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      It's ok G .. we have it right the rest of the world is wrong

      and I didn't realize it until you posted it ... but as usual I missed the event
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