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    Hey Ladies and Gents,

    So I currently have a Google Nexus S, a true beauty of a phone and I'm thinking of rooting it later tonight. I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, despite my noobish qualities .

    I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of doing this or not? I know there's a step by step guide on the "Rooting Companies Website" for example but I know there are different kinds of rooting as well. I'm a big fan of customization and thought I pick your brains if you know anythang.

    I will keep you posted on my adventures unless none of you care in which case I'll crawl back into my hole and come out for the QOTW thread.
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    what is this rooting you speak of? The only kind of rooting I know involves a cutting and a glass of water. Sorry, I'm no help.
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      I got a Crackberry ... can't help ya sweetie pie.... and I know not what this rooting is you speak of...
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        me neither.
        I feel like a city kid who has stumbled into a town


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          Me thinks that TA created "rooting" in his mind via a dream last night, and thus tried to sound less noobish by talking about some fancy rooting on the forum this morning. Only to realize that 'rooting' is in fact just looking through the garbage to find edible food or plastic to recycle for income.
          Alas, we cannot help with such a job TA as the intertoobs don't (yet) support touchable interactivity.
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            Sounds like rooting is the Android equivalent of jailbreaking an iPhone. I know nothing further of either, though.
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              .. and from what I am reading if you "Root" the phone you void your warranty. I'm not so sure that's something I would want - it's no longer illegal down here but I don't know abooot your laws up there
              Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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                Lol I don't think it's illegal in the states but yes it does void your warranty. It's basically the same as jailbreaking your iphone but for Android as the BadgerMan said.

                Lol I guess there are no takers then
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                  At the risk of being called a noob, why would you want to 'root' your phone?

                  Ok go a head, call me a noob...

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                    It allows for more 3 party applications and can give more power to the phone...... from what I have read.
                    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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                      I don't even have an Android phone to root. Yet. But I did order one early this morning. My very first smartphone. It wasn't supposed to ship until Thursday, but FedEx says it arrives tomorrow. *excited giddy sounds*

                      For the record, I don't plan on rooting it.
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                        Lol damnit Virgo! Get on that!

                        It just adds more customization to the phone. More power, it's a lot faster, etc.

                        I love my android but I've always wondered so I said, what the hell
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                          I have tried, but failed to figure a way to get rid of my cellphone completely. My wife insists it's our best bet for parental emergencies, even though I've argued that if our kids haven't figured out other emergency alternatives by now, what's the point?

                          I resent being forced to adopt any technology motivated mostly by fear. I mean, what do we really need?



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                            Have you picked a specific ROM yet? If you're not sure where to stat, I'd check out XDA developers forums for the nexus s. They have a list of ROMs, rooting guides and a list of updated kernals.
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                              Ah thank you Obs, someone who speaks the language. I thought Eugene would know too (may he return soon).

                              I'm torn between Cyanogenmod and MIUI.

                              I rooted the phone last night and was surprised at the ease of it. Now with the ROM Manager app I can basically pick a ROM and add it OTA which is pretty cool. I think the file are around 80M so it won't kill my download limit.

                              I'll probably pick one tonight... I'm leaning towards Cyanogen.
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