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The walking dead (Warning Spoilers)

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  • The walking dead (Warning Spoilers)

    In the spirit of Halloween, and for all the zombie nuts out there, I figured I'd attempt to start a thread about The Walking Dead. Discussing the show and the comic, and just zombies in general.

    Thoughts on season 2 so far? What are you guys looking forward to seeing? What do you think will happen next sunday?

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    On my PVR, haven't caught up yet. Staying out of this thread until I have.
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      Crap. Thought this was about cough, cold and flu season.

      Back to my drug-induced zombie shuffle then.


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        I watched Fido yesterday. It was hilarious !
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          Season 2 is coming along pretty good. Still don't agree with them going to the CDC ... but I can see why they need to address the issue of a cure (or lack of one) early on. I sort of like how they flushed shane out a little more, made him more likable so they didn't have to kill him right away. (still sort of hoping they write carl into shooting him ... but shane already had his melt down so I don't see it happening)


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            Love the Walking Dead. Great show.

            Fido was hilarious!!
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              My wife and I got into it after playing through dead island a few times. Not a bad show.
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                I dig it. I saw episode 1 season 2, but missed this last one due to drunk. Hopefully they show it before next weeks. I think that's the most awesome thing ever, showing last weeks episode before this weeks new one.
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                  Yeah Tyrant, I like how Shane's still around now as he's been dead in the comic at this point, gives Rick someone to butt heads with until we (hopefully) get Tyrese. I think what you mentioned will happen at the end of this season, they've been building up to it a lot with his little outbursts..

                  Fido was hilarious, probably one of the more creative zombie movies there's been. And I love dead island, if you play it with surround sound it's terrifying. Electric machete ftw!


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                    I haven't seen any and probably won't .... I'm not really all that into the Zombie thing.

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                      Originally posted by vectorzomby View Post
                      Fido was hilarious, probably one of the more creative zombie movies there's been. And I love dead island, if you play it with surround sound it's terrifying. Electric machete ftw!
                      Dead Island is the hot bowl of awesome sauce. I have a head exploding knife that makes me giggle like a school girl uncontrollably ... weirds the wife out to no end.


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                        Originally posted by Red Kittie Kat View Post
                        Ok, I'll play.



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                          The mind blowing military knife? someone randomly gave me that during online play and its a blast.. just running through a horde popping heads like gallagher melons.

                          ~~**SPOILER ALERT**~~

                          Episode two we saw Shane and Otis trapped inside a school with dozens of zombies clawing to get it... and I have a feeling Shane is going to sacrifice Otis to get away... and he'll return with the respirator in time to save Carl.


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                            lmaooo Yoss
                            Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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                              I've been an avid reader of the comic since issue 1. Not a big fan of the show. The comic's plot line is so strong, I hate that they are straying so far from it. Plus, not a fan of many of the actors.

                              ***Warning - potential spoilers***

                              The show needs several things to earn my approval (which, of course, is high on their list I'm sure):

                              1. Michonne
                              2. The jail
                              3. The baby (which I think is going to happen, after the scene where the CDC guy whispered something into Rick's ear)
                              4. Rick losing his hand (I realize that may not happen due to the CGI necessary)

                              I still watch it for entertainment value, but to me it's not the Walking Dead. It's just another zombie show/movie.






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