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    All right, so originally i wanted to go into Architecture but thats not what i want to do anymore. Ive been checking out graphic design and seeing all the cool stuff that graphic designers make, make me want to be one myself. Im thinking of going to University and getting a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts, but what i really wanted to ask was, Do i need Physics to get into this program?

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    Physics would help you to a degree if you were to get into computer animation or multimedia ...

    Just don't go into think design is all sports cars and rockstars, people that clean ducts or seal windows need design work too - you'll find that there a lot more mundane jobs then you can imagine and it will be your job to get inspired by them to make them exciting enough that people want to buy them.
    Design is not decoration.


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      I understand that, but the idea of designing something that my mind came up with appeals to me.


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        Not trying to steer you away from design, just want to be real with you, seldom is an idea 100% yours, there is always client input, which varies form client to client - some are too involved and some are not involved enough (not always a bad thing, but sometimes they're expecting you to read their mind). In my experience as a designer, it takes a while for a client to trust you to do what you do best (even though it's their "baby"), and still you have to be able to back up your design decisions and know where to pick your battles.
        Design is not decoration.


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          All right, i think that clears alot up for me. Apparently Graphic Designers dont make enough money, i dont want to make alot of money i just want enough to support a family. What do you think KemingMatters?


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            You can live relatively comfortably on a designer's salary (at least here you can). Starting out in this field can be rough, but if you're meant to design you will do fine.
            Design is not decoration.


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              Thank you.


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                To put it a little more bluntly,
                Graphic design is not about YOUR art. It's about what is best for the CLIENT'S business, whatever that may be.

                For instance, if you hate rap music but your client's business is focused at street rappers and their followers, you are going to have to do something involving something you hate in order to make money. It happens. A lot.


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                  Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                  To put it a little more bluntly,
                  Graphic design is not about YOUR art. It's about what is best for the CLIENT'S business, whatever that may be...
                  ...Or what the client will allow you to do, whether or not it's "right" from your design/artistic viewpoint...

                  That, and clients not returning calls/emails regarding proofs and deadlines are the two biggest issues that made our daughter decide it wasn't for her.

                  Thankfully, she's still involved with her art, just in a gazillion other facets...
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                    I went through just such a situation yesterday. Had a client I was designing a brochure for. Got it all set up and looking nice (in my opinion) then they wanted me to change the layout so there was no negative space, which involved making text absolutely huge to fill up the space - their words were "blank space makes it look cheap". Then they had me change the yellow PMS color I picked out to what they called "highlighter yellow" (which ended up being 0/0/100/0), and changed the nice background I had to black.

                    I thought it looked like absolute crap, but they were happy with it, and they are the ones paying for it, so that's what they got.


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                      Originally posted by DeGraphic View Post
                      Ive been checking out graphic design and seeing all the cool stuff that graphic designers make
                      Sky-scrapper > Ad for local paper IMO
                      Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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                        I'm sorry for the slight derail here, but Cosmo, your client's comment about "blank space makes it look cheap" made me LOL, because it's the complete opposite of reality.
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                          Just out of curiosity, does anyone ever reach a point where what the client wants is so foreign or complete anethema to you that you say "No, I can't do this, you should find someone else?"
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                            Yep...It's fun to fire a client that's a real pain in the ass!

                            Back on topic – If you want to be a designer, you have to really love what you do. We don't do this for the money, 'cause (for the most part) there isn't much. We don't do this for the prestige 'cause (for the most part) there isn't any! We do it because we love it. Yes, you'll have to make a lot of crap pieces that you detest, but your client loves. Yes, you'll have to deal with some of the most difficult people on the planet. But yes...You get to be creative. And when you get the client that lets you have control, and trusts what you do, they make it totally worth it.

                            The biggest thing to remember tho, like PD said, You're not designing for yourself! You're designing for the client!

                            And make sure you've got thick skin! Criticisms can be harsh! Don't take them personally.
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                              don't do it for the money, do it for the bacon

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