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First Friday!!

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  • First Friday!!

    All you, XXX domain grabbing, Wishing you had the same name as a porn star, Back on the net, Having spasms, Unable to fold a fitted sheet, Graphic Designers!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Originally posted by kemingMatters View Post
    Maybe I should start setting my emails in ruled 24pt helvetica black with pictographs...
    Originally posted by doctorfoz View Post
    Tell me about it! I couldn't believe it when someone said there were TWO 8 o'clocks in a day!
    Originally posted by <b> View Post
    There's obviously some sort of unsavory conspiracy going on here. I don't know what you're all up to, but it sounds devious and wicked. Canadians, guitars, waterfalls, caves and who knows what else. I wouldn't be surprised if a chicken is sacrificed at some point in this nefarious activity. Whatever it is, I don't want to know more.
    Originally posted by Broacher View Post
    I've got Don Cherry on my speed-dial, for just such emergencies.
    Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
    Everyone turned 42 because back in 1969, the entire prophylactic industry conspired in one of the biggest April Fool's pranks ever. Go ahead, check the dates.
    Originally posted by morea View Post
    Sparkling USED to be a nice word, but now that it's been associated with those vampires I certainly don't want to drink it.
    Originally posted by Broacher View Post
    I think I'm more of a sorority guy.

    Which reminds me... anyone missing um... looks like a kind of soft blue colour with little bunnies on them. Missing panties? Anyone? No?

    Okay then... anyone know how to remove bacon grease stains?
    Originally posted by doctorfoz View Post
    Hmm, 'bacon grease'? That's what they're calling it these days?
    Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
    That's a lie, TA. If Kittie was the culprit, you'd be smeared with bacon grease. And that bacon grease would contain trace amounts of glitter.

    **Perry Mason'd**
    Most formatted post...
    Originally posted by rav3n-dezign View Post
    WOW! @Epectasis comment- Those people/companies who draw the essence out of designers obviously like to make short-cuts. We pay to be trained & qualified in Industry. To back up Ovaltine's previous comment "We are not Sketch-Padfreebies!
    Common-sense not Nonsense

    Originally posted by DeleteYourself
    Ok, due to your vagueness, I'm going to have to assume that you've just discovered a third nipple, which would normally be great news, but then you learned that it's non-functional.

    My advice: Cheer up! At least you've got something the rest of us only dream of!
    Originally posted by Mynock
    lol (but not really out loud) (so really just the "l" part) (but if I used just the "l" you would have no idea what I was saying)
    Originally posted by MD
    Mynock maybe you should have used a different phrase like...

    mh - mildly humorous.
    kf - kinda funny.
    sa - sorta amusing.
    mmgbnl - made me grin but not laugh.
    acas - almost cracked a smile.

    Personally I think Delete's comment is very funny. Not quite a ROFL, but is a solid LOL.
    Originally posted by jimintn
    posts aren't SUPPOSED to be stupid?

    sorry, everyone

    *hangs head in shame and leaves*

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    "After all is said and done, more is said than done."


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      Happy Friday ya'll!

      Have a great weekend. Nothing planned this one. Going to Germany next weekend though. More about that next week

      "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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        I like to beat up pacifists, because they don't fight back ...

        N.A.N.K.A. "We Kick Because We Care."


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          it's the friday after attending the back-to-back world juniors hockey medal games....I'm friggin exhausted! Was more than an hour late for work because I just couldn't drag my ass outta bed......and totally worth it!!

          Have a great weekend everyone! Tonight I think I'm going to see The Devil Inside with some friends while Audi is going to her friends place to stitch and stuff. Tomorrow is my much anticipated Pistols Only paintball day, while Audi works at a fitness expo that her magazine is sponsoring. Sunday....we relax! (unless Audi has to work the expo again).

          Hope you all have a great one!!
          Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time.
          | Karl Marx |

          A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.
          | Guy Fawkes |

          | flickr |


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            I Lol'd at Mynock's post, but not really out loud, so just the L...

            Happy Friday Ya'll. I get to go visit the parents of the stoopid ***** that broke my laptop I'll post a full blown rant in the Chain Jerk thread later on when I'm not working.

            I hope your weekend is filled with booze, sex and rock and roll... or something along those lines.
            Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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              Happy Friday all! Short day today, have an appointment this afternoon, then groceries, then who knows what?
              This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
              "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."


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                Yay for Friday!

                I get to leave work early today! YAY!

                But then I have to drive into Manhattan. BOO!

                Going to a club to have dinner and drinks, and see Andy McKee and Eric Johnson with my hubby and my sister and brother in law.

                Hope everyone has a good weekend!
                Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.



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                  Happy Friday!
                  Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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                    THERE'S NO HELVETICA,
                    SO THIS WILL HAVE TO DO...

                    TFIF, I forgot it was friday this morning, thank you for quotes, otherwise I might have went in to the office tomorrow.
                    Design is not decoration.


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                      As I attempt to stay awake at my desk (the hockey games yesterday sucked all the life out of me) I was thrilled to see QOTW this week!
                      Thanks Kool!

                      Yeah for friday, well except that I have to help at an expo/convention thing tomorrow.
                      We are doing a live photo shoot at the event, could be very dodgy/sketchy. Let's hope it all falls into place.

                      Hope everyone has a good weekend!
                      I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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                        Happy Friday Gang

                        Just a quick stop in. Lots going on the past couple days and on top of it I am not a Grandmother

                        My baby girl Oreo just had 4 beautiful little babies. (so far) 3 boys and a girl.

                        ***love that formatted post too
                        Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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                          Pics Kittie! We need pics!!!!
                          Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.



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                            Happy Friday everybody!

                            I have to admit, it was a relief to learn how to fold a fitted sheet this week (It can be done!). Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that the next time I do my laundry I'm going to remember seeing the diagram, realize that I've completely forgotten how to do it, consider consulting the internet for the solution and then just cram the sheet into the dresser as per usual.

                            Thanks for the quoteage and have a luverrly weekend.
                            "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                              I'll get pics as soon as I can Virgo
                              Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.






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