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The last Friday of my first half century...

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  • The last Friday of my first half century...

    All you, Saddened by glitter, Finally getting wet, Pissed at sopa and pipa, That song stuck in your head, Doing short art, Talkin bout illustratin, Color creating, Record scanning, Graphic Designers...

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
    Folks, please do the responsible thing and have your points spayed or neutered. The kinds of pop-ups TA is getting is a sure sign that the pasteboard is already overpopulated with stray points. It's a sad, sad thing.... and don't even get me started on "points mills" like Livetrace.
    Originally posted by KitchWitch View Post
    I don't offer answers in a lot of these threads because I realized early on that you guys are much better with most of these programs than I am, so I just read and learn. But I think I can help TA on this one.

    (Cliff Clavin voice) Okay, so what you're gonna want to do here is, first you're gonna want to look for stray points. They're tricky things and not very obedient. It's a little known fact - they will actually wander way of your work area and try to hide.
    Originally posted by Paj View Post
    Word has improved a lot in recent years. It used to be an absolute mother%*&$(*, but now its a bit of a pig.

    Originally posted by Kool View Post
    Geez foz, how dare you make a guy who has spent 12 years trying to take a good picture of an album and who insists that a non existent scanner is his only option feel foolish.
    Originally posted by Jon Beatchapter View Post
    Sarcasm is the slowest form of twit! Said a wise old owl your none too wise & too twitty too woo!
    Originally posted by doctorfoz View Post
    Right, no more messing about. Here's what you need.

    1. a facetube account
    2. a reeeeaaaallly high MP digital camera
    3. a very, very tall building


    1. organise a flash mob (min 10,000 people)
    2. hand each of them an album cover.
    3. Run to the top of the very, very tall building.
    4. Lean over the edge and take photo (don't lean too far...)
    5. Run back down and ask flash mob to turn album covers over
    6. repeat step 3.

    After that, it's a simple matter of cropping in photoshop.

    Originally posted by garricks View Post
    I got shot up with Nanabots. They're always mailing me $5 checks and pinching my cheeks.
    Originally posted by Broacher View Post
    Maybe this could start a new thread trend!

    'Post a closeup picture of your toy!'

    Okay, who's next?
    Originally posted by redneckrodney View Post
    are you sure we wanna see what Kittie might post
    Originally posted by Elaine.S View Post

    Originally posted by MD
    The LifeGem s a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life.

    In short you cremate a loved one - have a diamond created from some of the ashes. Gems retail from $2,700 to $20,000. very cool, but kinda creepy.
    Originally posted by shellebelle
    That's disgusting. My grandma had a sick sense of humor, so now a few grams of her are swirled into glass paperweights that my mom and aunt have. I've never touched them, and I never will. Gross.
    Originally posted by Eraser Nubbin
    Are diamonds the only option? I'd love to be made into rinestones and then hot glue-gunned to one of those tacky cowboy vests and each year on the anniversary of my death my family members that survived me would have to sit in a circle and take turns wearing the vest whilst re-enacting triumphant moments from my fruitful life.
    Originally posted by MD
    Lady 1: "Excuse me, where did you get that beautiful ring?"
    Lady 2: "My cost him an arm and a leg." <rimshot>
    Originally posted by morea
    so if someone takes you from the person you leave yourself to, is it robbery or kidnapping?

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    lol @ the classics...

    Thanks for the quotage Kool, always a great start to my Friday.

    Anyone have cool plans this weekend? I'm fending off a head cold, so not much exciting for me. Hubby's playing a gig tonight, so I'm going to take advantage of his absence to FINALLY take down the Christmas tree. Then work at the restaurant all day tomorrow, and I picked up a shift Sunday too. Not much relaxing, but, hell, I'll at least have the tree put away and a few bucks in my pocket.
    Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.



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      No plans this weekend. I was in Germany last week, so taking it easy. I easily drank enough booze to <insert funny>.

      Anyway. Have terrific weekend.

      "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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        lol @ nanbots. Great quotes, thanks Kool.

        Weather permitting (we may get a wee bit of ice this afternoon) I need to run some errands, grocery shop, make soap, make cookies, do laundry and do a little shopping with mom this weekend.

        Anyone know if there's a significant difference in taste between creme de menthe and peppermint schnopps? Wondering if I can substitute schnopps for the menthe in a recipe.
        Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


        • #5
          LMAO @ the Classics!! Holy shit that's some funny stuff right there!!

          Thanks for the quotes Kool. Much appreciated. I've missed out on some great stuff this week! Where the hell have I been?!?!

          I think this is going to be a pretty chill weekend. Might be heading over to a buddy's place for some brews and heavy metal tonight or tomorrow, and that's about the extent of our plans I believe! lol. And we're finally thawing out around here! all week our high temps have been in the -28C to -30C range, without the wind chill factored in. (that's -18F to -22F for you guys south of the border) With the wind we've been sitting around -35C/-33F (as the highs....don't even ASK about our low temps!). This weekend it's supposed to get slightly above freezing, meaning I can put the winter coat away and go back to just a sweater and my jacket Huzzah!

          Whatever the rest of you get up to, have a great weekend!! And Virgo...feel better, eh!
          Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time.
          | Karl Marx |

          A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.
          | Guy Fawkes |

          | flickr |


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            I do already Bladez. Still sniffly, but not feeling so feverish. Thanks!
            Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.



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              yeaaaaa friday! Kool enjoy your last weekend not being an old fart

              I've got nothing cool going on, giving the dog a bath finally. no bath for 2 weeks after his nut snip, he smells a bit cheesy at this point. thinking about getting something going in the crock pot tonight. some sort of spanish/ southwestern type dish either this this

              i printed both so i'll have to see what i get when i stop at the food store Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

              "There's something about turning the pages of a book or magazine and the felling of rubbing your hands across the words."

              This is my pen tool. There are many like it, but this one is MINE. My pen tool is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My pen tool without me is useless. Without my pen tool, I am useless.

              there is no grey area when it comes to 1 color logos.


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                So. Happy. Weekend. Is. Here.

                Happy Friday everyone!
                Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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                  Guess you didn't get the day off, eh TA?
                  Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time.
                  | Karl Marx |

                  A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.
                  | Guy Fawkes |

                  | flickr |


                  • #10
                    Sir, I joined this week so I missed out on Loads of stuff. I basically try to learn by search through the threads. I came across the pirate thread and that's my fav. ;-)
                    One is a noob till he is no more a noob!


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                      And, a happy Friday to all of you. Hope you have a great weekend.
                      One is a noob till he is no more a noob!


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                        So Kool, should we wish you a Happy Birthday?


                        • #13
                          Not till Monday PD. That's when in a single day I go from being "in my 40s" to being "in my 50s" :Gulp:


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                            It doesn't hurt. Did it myself last August.
                            What hurts is all the over-the-hill stuff.
                            My sister gave me a gift wrapped in paper that said, "In dog years, you'd be dead" all over it. Complete with a cartoon dog with X's for eyes.
                            Hope yours is fun too!


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                              Originally posted by Kool View Post
                              Not till Monday PD. That's when in a single day I go from being "in my 40s" to being "in my 50s" :Gulp:
                              Car Talk had a great bit recently about aging. It was epic. As was this post.

                              Thanks again, Koolio.

                              (And fitty isn't so bad, except those AARP bahstahds pester you half to death!)
                              Last edited by garricks; 01-20-2012, 01:18 PM.
                              This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
                              "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."






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