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Bob: potential terrorist menace?

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  • Bob: potential terrorist menace?

    I mentioned last week that I found this old Toshiba tablet/pc notebook and yep, it's a lot of fun to be drawing on a full colour high rez screen/digitizer. But... there was only 500 megs in the machine which can house up to 2Gb so I thought I would buy chips and upgrade. Easy, right?

    Except... this machine is so old that the chips are very hard to find. Different voltage, speed things -- and from what I've read from other owners, you cannot just plop anything in there and expect it to work. It's finicky. Anyhow, after exhausting my search locally, and for an on-line Canadian solution, I started to browse for an American supplier. Except... none of them seemed to offer shipping to anywhere outside of the US. ??? But then I finally DID find one that said they would, so I ordered them.

    And then... I get this letter from their order department saying that my order is ready to ship... BUT, I have to fill and sign a form before they can do that.


    The form is titled, "Declaration of Regulatory Compliance End-User/End-Use Statement" (Form F080).

    Firstly, this statement, says at the top that it requires an 'Annual Renewal'. Followed by a small type paragraph:

    "The U.S. Department of Commerce requires adherence to the following guidelines when exporting goods from the United States. All military or “dual use” goods (commercial and military) purchased from G2 Technology, Inc. and or/its subsidiaries/affiliates mustbe exported or re-exported in compliance with United States Export Administration Regulation (EAR) CFR15 Part 730-774.* The U. S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), as well as, the Department of State and U.S. Department of Defense serve as the agencies that regulate and control the exports/re-exports, shipped and /or transshipped to sanctioned and embargoed countries and/or parties. A summation of the aforementioned U.S. export/re-export compliance regulations and responsibilities can be found at the URL address listed below:

    Followed by more legalese including:

    "We, the named company, are aware that products purchased from G2 Technology, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates may require an export license and we will take the necessary steps to submit to the process and comply."

    Export license?

    I like this part:

    "We, the named company, will comply with the US EXPORT/RE-EXPORT restrictions to persons/parties identified on the lists below:

    (1) Denied Persons List, (BIS) (2) Unverified List, (BIS) (3) Entity, (BIS) (4) Special Designated Nationals List (Dept of Treasury) (5) Debarred List (Department of State)
    (REF: for further information)

    See CFR15 Part 746 for current listing of Sanctioned & Embargoed Countries and Other Special Controls.

    *We further agree that we, the named company, are responsible for complying with the export restrictions outlined in the EAR part 744.1-744.22 and supplements No. 1-5 (Control Policy: End User/End Use). In particular and when applicable, the restrictions referenced in part 744.17 (Microcircuits for military end uses and military end users)"

    Wow. Who knew upgrading an old, used laptop could be construed as a threat to the American military/industrial complex?

    Maybe I should grow a beard...

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    Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.



    • #3're not exporting...the company you bought from is. The company I work for is responsible for this paperwork..not our customers.

      So weird...
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        I cancelled the order and found another company that said that they didn't do this.

        Hey, maybe I AM on some kind of subversives list! Hmm...

        Seriously, I was just doing 'research' about the military uses of naked breasts...


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          that's crazy (the form, not your research Broacher). wait....
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            Originally posted by Broacher View Post
            I cancelled the order and found another company that said that they didn't do this.

            Hey, maybe I AM on some kind of subversives list! Hmm...

            Seriously, I was just doing 'research' about the military uses of naked breasts...
            Sounds like your work is so top secret you have to close the browser really quick whenever someone walks by.


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              Homeland Security probably read a few of your posts here at GDF.
              This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
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                If you stop to think about the fact that most countries in the world do not have up to date computers or software, the letter does make a certain amount of sence. They think that you are upgrading it to sell it. Most people selling older equipment do so to other countries. Personally, I wouldn't have worried about long as you found what you wanted should be all good.
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