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  • Designers communicating with developers

    Hello designers!
    I'm a master student at Södertörns university in Sweden. I'm currently working with a pre-study, which is a part of the research for my master dissertation, to investigate the communication between developers and designers. I would be grateful if you took your time to answer my short 5 min survey.

    Thank you!

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    Consider that with an open online survey you have no control over your sample, so your statistics will be on very loose grounds.

    Edit: Just noticed it's a pre-study, so disregard my warning for now (but heed it later)


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      Thank you for your comment. I am aware of online surveys leaves me no control, but as you pointed out; this is a pre-study.

      My hope is to get a rough overview, which I will use when creating questions for the interviews, and hopefully some people to contact for more qualitative information


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        In my case you would have to study the voices in my head. Both the developer and the designer are in there fighting over the control of my hands.


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          hehe I have the same problem, however, I couldn't think o a way to take designer/developers into account as well, especially since I'm focusing on communication between developers and designers, and if one is both then it's possible that no communication occurs (except the one in the head )






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