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    okay I had two interviews last Monday in Birmingham, ALABAMA where my wife is from.

    one with AL.COM - they offered me the job right there. I would be doing web stuff full benefits 28k a year full benefits corporate enviroment downtown Birmingham, Alabama

    one with Concepts, Inc. - a graphic design company who only does print----until now.....

    Concepts, Inc. offered me 32k plus full benefits FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP....paid vacation etc. I can work from my house when needed and I can even bring my dog to work whenever I want...super family type company dress super casual flexable enviroment etc -

    Well I did a project for them (postcard mailer) on wednesday night. They said they had an interview Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I would know something on Friday.

    Well they called me today and offered the job to me. So I took it!!!!
    I will be one of three designers and the only one who knows web.

    I start June 1st and my teachers said they will let me email them work since I dont graduate until June 23rd and I will have my A.S.

    I will return back to University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) to finish my BFA in Decemeber and Concept Inc said they will pay for half the tutition.

    I am so damn excited finally things are looking up and all the hard work has paid off....however I will keep learning with continued help from this board.

    So this is also a post to say thanks for everyone here that has slapped me on the head when I design bad and given me their time to help me grow making me a better designer.

    JUST LAUNCHED - - check it out

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    congrats man!
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        super pimp big pimp, congrats man, i hope the best for ya

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          congrats big perm!!


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            Congrats Big Perm, Sweet deal... hang on to this one cause it is rare indeed.

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              Wow, great job. I am always happy to see another designer get a job, because it is so hard these days that actually pays what designers deserve to get paid.


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                thanks everyone

                I got the lead by emailing everyone listed in the birmingham AIGA chapter's contact list (pres. vice pres tres. etc). My email basically said Does anyone here know of any openings for graphic designers. Only one responded to my email and said he knew of someone. I email that company (who didnt post a want ad) and I got an interview.

                I have emailed the guy that gave me the lead and told him I would join the AIGA since he is incharge of memberships. Its nice finding people like that who are willing to spend time helping someone they dont know out.... I thought the GDF were the only kind designers around.

                I am on cloud 9.....

                JUST LAUNCHED - - check it out


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                  thats sounds like its gonna be great! congrads!



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                    Way to go Big Perm. Sounds like an enviable job. Put your heart into it.

                    The 'Lettering Guy' says: 'It's not only what you say, but how well you say it.'


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                      Congratulations BP this sounds like a really great job and kudos on your 'outside the box' search method.

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                        Way to go!
                        Good luck, man.

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                          Congratulations Perm!!

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                            Man you landinged in the !@#$. Great opp. and Congradulations!!!


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                              awesome, congrats on the job. You deserve it, PERM!

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