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Woo Hoo!! It's Friday!!!

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  • Woo Hoo!! It's Friday!!!

    Have a great weekend all you wonderful Designers!!

    Originally posted by KitchWitch View Post
    "Why it is not a good idea to sell work before I fully understand graphics?" Really?
    Why is it a bad idea to sell construction services before I fully understand carpentry?
    Why is it a bad idea to sell auto repair services before I fully understand car engines?
    Why is it a bad idea to sell surgical procedures before I fully understand anatomy and medicine?

    You learn your craft as well as you possibly can before you charge people money to perform that craft. You don't practice on paying customers.
    Originally posted by Cosmo View Post
    I'll give you all the ideas you want. Just let me know where to send my invoice.
    Originally posted by Obsidian86 View Post
    So, I'm sitting at a stop light, already running behind because apparently we have to shut down half the city's streets when the president visits (Thanks Obama), and this lady in a Lexus in front of me puts her hand out the window and drops a bag of McDonalds trash as the light turns green and just drives off. So I drive forward a few feet and pick up the bag, and put it in the back of my truck. There's half eaten breakfast food, and a half a container of soda or something inside the bag. For some reason it pisses me off more than it should have, we're a civilized culture, not animals. Then I follow this lady for 15 minutes til she pulls into a grocery store parking lot. I get out of my truck, and the second she opens the door, I toss the bag in her car, while thinking about saying something like "YOU DROPPED THIS YOU DUMB ****", but trash/drink goes everywhere inside her car. She closes and locks the door and picks up her phone for what I can only assume to call the cops. I get in my truck and go to work.

    She probably has my plate number and I'm probably on the store's camera, but I don't care. I would do it again.

    Originally posted by frankster
    If it works on piss soaked carpet then he can be as annoying as my auntie after a few Gin and Tonics and I'll still give him my money.

    Maybe I could save the money back by using them as cloth diapers on the leaky child in question.
    Originally posted by The_Black_Knight
    Well, this doesn't convert to David Bowies (DaB). That makes it pretty useless to me.
    Originally posted by Ben Kessler
    What a coincidence! "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is my favorite song. When I perform it at my local karaoke emporium, my singing elicits cries of "Stop! I can't take anymore" and "Please get off the stage." My interpretation of this heartfelt love ballad clearly overwhelms the audience with emotion. Perhaps they become tormented by memories of love affairs gone sour.

    Welcome to GDF, Lucy!

    Originally posted by budafist
    Welcome. You sound interesting...on paper.
    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.

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    Awesome quotes Red, thank you. Sorry, i completely forgot it was Friday


    • PanToshi
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      Me too!

    • Red Kittie Kat
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      LOL....I remembered about 4am

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    Thanks Kittie! I swear I wouldn't know it was Friday if it wasn't for you and QOTW!

    So busy so busyyyyy sssoooooo busy and this is just the beginning. I can't complain though... Busy = $$$ and what's not to like about that!

    Have a great weekend everybody!
    Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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      Happy Friday everybody, I'll be busy with my man-cold all weekend.

      Thanks for the Quotes Kittie & Kool
      Design is not decoration.


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        It must be Friday. Four tractor trailers just loaded up and a couple more to go tomorrow.
        I'm hoping next week is quiet (not likely)


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          Wooo Friday.
          It's my wife's birthday today, but since we got to get up at 4am to prepare and administer tests to some special needs high school graduates this weekend, we have no plans. It'll be 5pm when we're done and we'll be too tired to do anything.
          "I used to wonder what friendship could be, Until you all shared its magic with me." - Jesus Christ


          • PanToshi
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            Naps are the best birthday gift IMO...

          • Obsidian86
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            That's actually an awesome idea. I will pick up some chloroform on the way home.

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          Happy Friday! Beer or wine? I can't decide. Nevermind, by the time someone responds I'll have finished it probably. Enjoy your weekends!


          • PanToshi
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          Whoo hoo! Happy Friday! It's been an awesome day. My sister had a baby girl, so I'm super excited. Between meetings and excitement, I hardly got any work done.

          My brother is bringing my niece and nephews down this summer for the first time. The kids don't know yet, so tomorrow I'm going to Walt Disney World to get some things together to send them as a vacation announcement.

          Not sure what Sunday will bring. I really want to get another skirt sewn so I can wear it.
          "It's not that I don't want to trust people. It's that they give me reasons not to." ~ Me


          • Red Kittie Kat
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            Congratulations Auntie!!! Have fun with all the kids and the new arrival

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          Thanks Kittie!
          Best friends Bday. Paid day off. Partly sunny around 55F. Hellz yea. Best day!






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