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Happy Friday Before Memorial Day!!!!

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  • Happy Friday Before Memorial Day!!!!

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

    Enjoy your 3 or 4 days off!!!

    If you don't get 3 or 4 days off, enjoy your 2 days off

    Have a great weekend all you wonderful Designers!!

    Originally posted by <b> View Post
    With you being the PasteUpKing, one of the first things you might notice is that nobody's done pasteup for, well, maybe 20 years. It's likely time to abdicate the throne.
    Originally posted by Possumgal View Post
    ...they have an in-house "designer." I use that term loosely, as he worked the same place as I for a while and spent the whole time on social media or looking for other jobs.
    Originally posted by Obsidian86 View Post
    What's all the fuss about? All you have to do is hit image trace. Instant vector.
    Originally posted by kemingMatters
    I thought I read that wrong at first... nope, that's exactly what I read. It would definitely breathe a little life in to the stock exchange if they ever configured it for that: "Google's got hard-on, Apple's got a semi and Blackberry's gone completely flaccid" at least they'd garner more people's... ahem... attention.
    Originally posted by Obsidian86
    Wow. It's like something from my nightmares back in college when others were questioning my sexuality because I spent just a little too much time making sure my hair was perfect before going anywhere.
    Originally posted by Kool View Post
    You're right though Des, less blobby is always a good thing.

    Originally posted by Kool View Post
    I think "Skeumorphism" would be a great name for a band...

    Originally posted by LeftBrain Artist View Post

    That's the devil in ya, ticklin' yer backside! AMEN!!!

    Ya'll can plainly see this woman is caught firmly in the grasp of Lucifer's fiery grip! That lurid green pallor and trappings of the occult say it all! Why, I'll have to dance with at least a dozen rattlesnakes tonight to stay in God's good graces after posting in the same thread as that abomination to the Lord. GLORY TO GOD!!!
    Originally posted by Red Kittie Kat View Post
    If it is a poop I can say your doodles are shit and you won't be offended

    If it's not poop ... I'm going to say lovely multi tumor Mr. Potato Head

    Originally posted by NTLemon View Post
    If you do go with a typeface though make to sure to train him well or else you'll get akzidenz and that's just grotesk.
    Originally posted by frankster View Post
    Someone from the elite design forces will burst into your house unannounced in the dead of night and present you with a black beret. Then you will know and you will be one of us.

    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.

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    Apologies ... a wee bit late today. Friday some how crept up on me this week
    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


    • kemingMatters
      kemingMatters commented
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      Damn right you should apologize! I wasn't even expecting a QOTW being that it's a holiday weekend and kool conditioned us to not having Quotes on holiday weekends, unless I'm just imagining that... it's possible.

    • Red Kittie Kat
      Red Kittie Kat commented
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      lmao ... and nope .. Kool posted before all holidays except around Christmas time ... he would allow himself a little break then

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    Have a good weekend.
    "I used to wonder what friendship could be, Until you all shared its magic with me." - Jesus Christ


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      Great quotes Red, thanks

      Have a great weekend everybody!


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        Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!

        Play safe...

        I'm going to plant a whole lot of annuals, and if I have any blood left in my veins ...the f'n mosquitoes are jacked up on some kind of 'roids this season... I'll finally get around to putting my boat in the water


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          Happy Weekend everybody!
          Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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            Thanks Kittie! Three day weekend, yes please.


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              I still get quoted in Kool's Classics!? That's awesome sauce. I should start posting again...
              . . . in bed


              You can fry an egg on the devil's hiney, but it ain't never gonna come out sunny-side up, A-men!


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              Nice classics. I miss Frankster and I'm still waiting for my black beret.
              It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" – Winnie the Pooh






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