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Happy Mint Julep Friday!!!

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  • Happy Mint Julep Friday!!!

    There’s nothin’ more invitin’ than whilin’ away a hot summer day on your porch swing while sippin’ a frosty Mint Julep.

    We’ve dropped the gs because that first line should be read with a pronounced southern drawl. After all, the birthplace of the mint julep was below the Mason-Dixon Line. While the cocktail has been around for at least two centuries, Mint Juleps today are more commonly associated with the Kentucky Derby, a two-day horse racing event in which nearly 120,000 mint juleps are quaffed each year during the first weekend of May.

    So as we raise our glasses to toast National Mint Julep Day on May 30, let’s honor the drink for its longevity, good taste and as a fine symbol of southern hospitality.

    The history of the Mint Julep

    Have a great weekend all you wonderful Designers!!

    Do to the sparse current quotage I will give you extra classics ... always a treat

    Originally posted by Designia View Post
    There's something about a good letter nudging that makes me tingly. Thanks Google.
    Originally posted by designzombie View Post
    I'm sure Google was hemorrhaging billions per day until that aesthetic problem was fixed. Now I can sleep better at night.

    **Thank you Buda

    Originally posted by Peter Baggio
    Maybe I've passed right over this topic in the help file for Indesign CS but..... I will be printing on colour paper and therefore choose paper setting for my text so that it would print out white. But this didn't work. What am I doing wrong and how can I get it to print white text?
    Originally posted by Keyare
    There was probably no white ink in the box your printer came in.
    They charge extra for white ink. An awful lot.

    Perhaps you should take your printer back to the store, they'd probably love to hear all about it.

    Originally posted by Keyare
    I used to buy starbursts in packs of 25. Then when I started doing newspaper ads for auto dealers I had to get packs of 50 or more and it got outta hand. But those days are over. I can't afford them anymore unless the client REALLY needs it, then I pass the cost along to them. I mark it up a bit, to $25 per starburst.

    The licensing fees are killer. I get them from the source, the Aztec Nation, who first came up with the starburst over 2000 years ago and have never gotten their fair share of royalties from their material.

    We don't want to go pirating starbursts now do we? I know some designers who do. Bad, bad designers.
    Originally posted by Drawing a Blank
    Marketing- "We need a lightbulb put in as quickly as possible will this one be alright (holding up a bulb for a refrigerator) or should we get a different one?

    Graphics-"Well that bulb won't do because this is a flouresent light and that is for kitchen appliances. I need the correct bulb and if you get me the correct bulb I can have it changed in a few minutes." <Marketing runs off to find the correct bulb>


    Marketing- "This is still a rush job that needs to be done as quickly as possible will this bulb fit (holding up a flashlight bulb) or should we get yet another one?

    Graphics- "This bulb won't fit either. I need the correct bulb before I can complete this project!"

    Marketing- "Can you give me a drawing so I will know exactly what you want?"

    Graphics- "Here you go here is your drawing. Please get me the correct bulb this time"


    Marketing- "I lost the drawing can you give me another copy?"

    Graphics- "Here is the %^&**!? drawing! Now get me the correct bulb!!"


    Marketing- "Here is the correct bulb. We promised the client they could have this right away why aren't you done yet??"

    Graphics completes the job in 30 seconds.
    Best leaving in a snit post:
    Originally posted by MouseyMouse
    Thanks so much..... 38 views of my post and not one person replies? I will figure this out on my own. Unfortunately,, which I use alot when reviewing a book or a product, does not have much feedback on the 3 popular all in one books available now.

    So much for asking for help from Graphic Designers.
    Originally posted by Satchel
    They are claiming there are only 17 (approximate) pirates? I gotta think there are more than that! Have you ever seen the movie Captain Ron - if you believe everything you see on TV as I do you'd know that there are all kinds of pirates... and gorillas still in the world, it's a profitable business...
    Originally posted by morea
    yup, I had an MRI a couple years ago. Did you see any of the scans they did afterward? I got to see a few, and was able to return to work having seen proof that I actually DO have a brain.
    Originally posted by Silence04
    I love Pancaking. i would pancake all day if i didn't have a job.
    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.

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    Happy Friday Folks! Life's going to be changing for a second time really soon, still got a laundry list of things to do before that happens. This weekend brings electrical work, some painting and laying some carpet in between a couple visits from family and friends we haven't seen in a while.

    Thanks for the quotes Kittie (and Buda)
    Design is not decoration.


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      Old Keyare quotes are the best. I wish we still had the one about Starbursts causing blindness.
      Thanks for the quotes Kittie!

      Oh, and if you want the old Mousymouse thread here it is:
      Had to go look that one up. LOL.
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        Awesome quotege Red!

        Have a great weekend everybody!


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          Bwahahaaa @ Mouse thread. Thanks Kitty!! Made it in!


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            Happy Friday! It is Saturday here, have to go for a blood test but nothing else planned for the day. Just the way I like it. Loving the Kenyare quotes too!
            It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh






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