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Happy Fireworks Friday!!!

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  • Happy Fireworks Friday!!!

    Happy 4th of July USA Members!!! Have a safe Holiday weekend All other members have a super weekend! Whatever you do - do it up big!

    Have a great weekend all you wonderful Designers!!

    Originally posted by John G View Post
    I bought a house. I lived in it for a few months, all the important bits failed. I'm buying the important bits. I still have no furniture besides boxes. I severely dislike houses. (the heat/cool/water part)

    And so summarizes 6 months of my life (best purchase of your life they said).

    Originally posted by <b> View Post
    Two agonizingly long conversations with two important clients today.

    The morning client says, "I don't get it. It seems too dark. It needs to look more realistic. Is this modern, abstract design or something? Use more shadows or shading or something. We want more life-like drawings, not this two-dimensional stuff that looks fake."

    The afternoon client says, "The work is too stodgy. It's not modern enough, and it's way too colorful. We hear flat is in. We want flat pinks and blues but mostly blacks and grays that are dull. Use more modern fonts (then shows me a picture of Avant Garde from late '60s for inspiration.')."
    Originally posted by kemingMatters View Post
    1) Approval - never final and usually received before the latest draft has been looked at.
    2) Briefs - a life line document that designers fight tooth and nail to get but seldom get in a complete form
    3) Status - what the client requests when you are still waiting on items from them
    5) Out sick - taking the day off because you just worked 16+ consecutive hours or it's the weekend
    6) Media - materials or output method
    Originally posted by Buda View Post
    I love me some hot sausage.
    Originally posted by HotButton View Post
    I thought this thread was gonna be about graphic design in the pornography industry (xxx). So much of it happens, but no one ever talks about it.
    Originally posted by Designia View Post
    I've heard you could make serious money designing vhs & dvd covers for porn.

    Originally posted by Obsidian86 View Post
    I've seen a few of those covers in my days, that must be where all the sig enthusiasts go.

    Originally posted by seamas View Post
    Anyone think that that cat is anything but an evil entity hell-spawn and hellbent on world domination is hopelessly naïve.

    Originally posted by Bladez View Post

    Basement cat has started unleashing his minions.

    The first shall be called "Ugly Bat Boy cat"

    Originally posted by LeftBrain Artist View Post
    The Ugly Bat Boy Cat has cursed your kiln. It probably crawled inside and messed up everything to make it a suitable nest for laying its eggs. I'd stay away from it - The larval Ugly Bat Boy Kittens are probably hiding in amongst the heating coils, waiting for physical contact with a human host. They then burrow through the skin into a blood vessel and eventually find their way through your circulatory system to the brain. Once there, you're under their control, and can look forward to giving up your life to the pursuit of fresh milk and tuna. When the kitten is ready to hatch, you'll drag yourself to a sun drenched window sill where the kitten will emerge from your ear and feast on your paralyzed body. It ain't much fun.

    Originally posted by izziart View Post
    To work without the vector is like going out without under pants..... sooner or later trouble comes to your door!

    Originally posted by Bladez View Post
    Permafrost is natures long-johns......

    If rubbing frozen dirt on your crotch is wrong, I don't wanna be right...

    Originally posted by doctorfoz View Post
    it's late and the room is dark. I'm searching by torchlight, shielding the glow with my hand to limit the amount of light.

    I slowly open the desk drawer and find a folder marked 'top secret'

    Aha - Kittie's MASTER PLAN. Gingerly, I open and read...

    Step 1: drive all graphic designers slowly but methodically insane
    Step 2: take over TEH WORLD!!!

    Note to self: As supreme ruler, use of sparklies will be mandatory

    Shocked beyond words, I replace the file and close the drawer. I need to get out - I need to tell someone. But in my fear, I don't hear the footsteps behind me...
    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.

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    LOL thanks for the quotes Kittie, that Metallica song I was thinking about last week: The Unforgiven.
    I'm now thinking of a Bruce Springsteen song...

    Happy Independence Day my southerly neighbours!

    Craft Beer & BBQ Fest this weekend, it's kind of a big deal.
    Design is not decoration.


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      Happy Fourth!

      Having Lobstas and steamahs and beeah (and cidah too) here today.
      Alas corn on the cob in any condition to eat was too difficult to find.

      Dodging the hurricane too, I think. I'm far enough inland, but Fireworks will probably be tomorrow night anyway. The lake parade is tomorrow at noon. I don't play. Just watch. Some people dress up their boats pretty crazy. Someone has been out test driving a fire breathing dragon. Welllll, it's only smoke, but still impressive.


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        Happy Fourth!

        Since my husband bought $100 worth of fireworks last night, I'm going to the fabric store today.
        Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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          Happy 4th of July - The day when Americans celebrate their Independence from the British. It has been suggested that we British should celebrate it too . . .
          Time flies like an arrow - fruit flies like a banana


          • Red Kittie Kat
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          • Designia
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            LMAO! Cheers Daddy-O!

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          Nice quiet day for The Badger Man. It's a gorgeous day in St. Louis, the high should be 81F (unheard of in this town for July, usually between 95 & broil). I have a burger in the fridge, chips in the pantry, and a beverage on ice.

          Life is good.
          This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
          "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."


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            Happy 4th!!!


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              Sounds like everyone has great plans

              We aren't doing much today. Tomorrow we will be going to fireworks with my nieces and nephew.

              That's about it. I'm so tired lately I don't think I could handle much else anyway! lmao

              ... although I wish I had a fire breathing dragon boat to sail down the river That sounds awesome!
              Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


              • #9
                I've been doing what I have been dreaming about for weeks... napping.. LOL! Hurricane's blown through and the fireworks are on for tonight! Happy 4th y'all!
                Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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                  Happy Red White And Blue Day fellow graphic designers.


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                    Four Day weekend with only one teeny edit to a business card for work. And I'm getting paid for the time off AND the power is on. It's been years since the moon and sun have aligned so delightfully for me!


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                      Hope all y'all 'Muricans had a great July 4th.

                      I've been curbing my drinking for health reasons, limiting myself to 1 glass per drinking session for the last few months UNTIL 2 nights ago where I went "free for all". On Sunday I was hurting everywhere. Was it worth it? Almost, but I won't be forgetting this feeling for quite some time. I think I will stick to my 1 glass quota from now on.
                      It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


                      • kemingMatters
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                        I usually stick to one glass too... no need get a new one for a refill

                      • PrintDriver
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                        I stick to one glass too, but it's a reeeaaallly BIG glass.

                      • Buda
                        Buda commented
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                        In the morning, we put over 50 glasses (mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, champagne flutes) through the dishwasher (3 loads) and there were about 70 empty beer bottles to go into recycling. Vessels could be found in every corner of the house.

                        Considering there were only 9 people present, I'm guessing that not a single one of us re-used a glass all night.





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