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Happy Fishy Friday!!!

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  • Happy Fishy Friday!!!

    It's National Caviar Day

    I've never had any Caviar - I hear you either love it or hate it. Maybe someday

    It's also opening day of the track here ... now the already bad parking will be nearly impossible! I won't be going downtown much until September

    Have a great weekend all you wonderful Designers!!

    Originally posted by seamas View Post
    What is their groupie situation?

    Will they let you get up on stage and pretend to play an instrument?

    If the groupie situation is awesome, that is what I would ask for in return for a logo.
    Originally posted by Buda View Post
    25? You are still young, grasshopper
    Originally posted by Designia View Post
    The round and oblong O's shouldn't be dating.
    Originally posted by <b>
    Ha! I just had a similar thing happen last week. I emailed a PDF proof off to a client only to have her call and ask if I could send along the original Publisher file. When I explained that I don't use Publisher she paused and calmly suggested that I get a copy if I wanted to be taken seriously as a design professional. It seems that in her view, amateur designers use MS Word, but really good designers use the more professional MS Publisher.
    Originally posted by seamas View Post
    I think you are exhibiting one of those "parental attachment" issues with your work that new designers often suffer from.
    Originally posted by garricks View Post
    It's a mailing.

    Open the frigging spreadsheet and tell me how many friggin rows there are and I'll frigging take it from frigging there.
    Originally posted by Designia View Post
    There's nothing like a Boston Butt, especially when your pork needs a pullin'!

    Originally posted by Riefnu View Post

    "We need a graphic designer, computer graphic designer, concept artist, flash designer, web designer, print designer, you need to know quark, adobe, silverfish, and corel, oh and CAD don't forget CAD, also these three design programs that only we have used, once, but we still have. Also you need to know how to code, type, draw, paint, model clay, carve stone, etch steel, and design it all to fit in a 1x1x1 inch box that you design. "

    "These are the minimum requirements."

    Originally posted by frankster View Post
    My livingroom smelling like satan's sulpherous arse, because my three and four year old got overly excited about easter, got in the fridge, snuck off with all the hard boiled, dyed easter eggs that we made and smashed them open all over the coffee table looking for treats that obviously were not inside them.

    It really does smell dastardly and I'm not sure that I will ever manage to get all the smooshy egg nastiness out of the fine grating of the fire screen. Unfortunately I was putting on laundry in the garage and so by the time I caught them they had been violently disecting ovum for a good five minutes, so the blast zone is over half the livingroom.

    They were so dissapointed that the eggs didn't have anything treatworthy in them. They made sure to check the contents of each egg thoroughly though.

    Reminds me of the time about a year ago when I left them painting at the kitchen table for about three minutes while I went to pee and when I came back they looked as though they hadn't moved, but multiple small items in the kitchen had miraculously been painted green, like the knobs on the cooker, a few of the spice jars in the cupboard and the doorhandles.

    Originally posted by bismal View Post
    hahahah.. haha .. ha this thread is great!

    So.. you were forced to draw a girl who blackmailed you into doing it under the threat that she would tell your girlfriend that you cheated on her?

    I can't stop laughing at the thought of being MADE to draw someone.. haha.


    But.. but please.. I have to go...


    Please! NO!.. Arghhh *starts to draw*

    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.

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    Have a fantastic weekend! I got a new table this morning.

    Here Is
    A Picture
    Of it
    "I used to wonder what friendship could be, Until you all shared its magic with me." - Jesus Christ


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    Awesome quotage Red, thanks

    Caviar is one of those things like olive oil or balsamic vinegar. You get what you pay for. The good stuff is really really good while the cheap stuff can be really horrible.


    • Red Kittie Kat
      Red Kittie Kat commented
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      Thank you too!

      ... maybe one day if I have a few extra pennies I'll give it a whirl. It's one of those things that has always seemed so chic and stylish to have ... but I've never been anywhere that I could try a bite. All I can envision is my reaction being that of Tom Hanks in Big ... when he tries a little toast point with beluga
      Last edited by Red Kittie Kat; 07-18-2014, 11:49 AM.

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    Awesome Quotes! I had to go back and look at the thread bismal's quote was in, couldn't view the drawing unfortunately.... sometimes I wish that I found this place earlier than I did.

    Have a great weekend everybody!
    Design is not decoration.


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      Good quotes, I love the drawing one too. Happy Friday all you employed non-breeder / empty nesters! (the rest of us will be operating per normal. Saturdays and Mondays are identical around here. Well, except Monday is trash day. ) :-)

      And caviar in the color of the German flag? Is this an ongoing celebration of the World Cup here?


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        Ah, happy Friday! Took the day off.
        What an awesome morning.
        7 a.m. At the dealer
        8 a.m. Left the dealer with passed safety & emissions tests, an oil change, and rotated tires.
        8:20 a.m. At the DMV after a quick stop back at the house
        8:55 a.m. Tags acquired.
        9 a.m. Hunted for food at Trader Joe's, found fresh (not frozen) lasagna.
        9:30 a.m. Panera for bread & a treat, the 4-cheese soufflé
        9:40 a.m. Starbucks for a caramel macchiato. Workers were VERY disorganized.
        9:56 a.m. Back home, food put away, loving life.
        This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
        "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."


        • kemingMatters
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          sounds like an expensive morning...
          Did the barrista write bajr on your cup?

        • garricks
          garricks commented
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          Nah, I go through the drive-thru at SBUX.

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        Caviar on a water cracker with a mimosa accompaniment is quite a tasty treat. Have a good weekend everyone.


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          Thanks for the awesome quotes Kittie!

          I am looking forward to a lazy weekend. Gonna plop myself on a boat tomorrow and just cruise around. Weather's supposed to be ideal, plenty of eats and iced beverages, an ocean breeze... what more do I need?

          Have a great weekend everybody!
          Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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            Happy Weekend! Great quotes Kittie! Obviously I need to get back in the habit of hanging out here.

            I'm in project mode, so that's what I'll be doing this weekend. Really want to go out and do something tonight though. Anyone want to get out?
            "It's not that I don't want to trust people. It's that they give me reasons not to." ~ Me






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