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Any skill toy enthusiasts here? Yoyos, juggling, etc.

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  • Any skill toy enthusiasts here? Yoyos, juggling, etc.

    I love them. Alays through highschool I loved yoyos, but never seriously got into it. Last year I picked up a cheap yoyo from walmart just for kicks. Pretty quickly mastered that one and got my friends into it. Since then we got obsessed. Off string yoyos, Devil Sticks, Hacky Sack, Kendama. We started trying all the skill toys we could find, lol. I actually had my first paid yoyo gig this past weekend, it was fun!

    My current selection: My main yoyo of choice, and my baby: YOYOFFICER Musket. My Offstring yoyo is a Duncan Skyhawk. My Kednama is a KROM Deluxe Rubberwood on Walnut.

    Anyone else here?

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    I'm going to make a wild guess and say you are unmarried, with no children...

    What kind of paying yo-yo gig did you have? Was it a competition that you won, or was it more like a demo-display of skills?
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    • mightbedylan
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      Lol, you guess right. But my Girlfriend does share my enthusiasm for Kendamas

      It was an Arts and Crafts festival in my town. I was mostly in the Kids tent. I had YoYos to give away and did some basic tutorials, but I also walked around providing general entertainment. It was a lot of fun! I don't think I'm up to Competition standards yet

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    I had to google what a kendama was...
    In my grade school devil sticks were big, we all made our own with dowling, sports/hockey tape and sections of innertube. In high school and college we played hacky sack on breaks, I was pretty shite at it, so I started playing cards instead. I got my son a yoyo a while back I can still do a few basic tricks I learned eons ago. That about sums up my skill toy experience.
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      Originally posted by mightbedylan View Post
      Anyone else here?
      Bolo Bats at 20 paces...

      "puh - puh - puh - poh ---"

      Shit. I'm out.

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