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Friday Trivia - Popcorn!

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  • Friday Trivia - Popcorn!

    October is National Popcorn Popping Month!
    • Americans eat around 17 billion quarts of popcorn every year. This amount would fill the Empire State Building 18 times.
    • Nebraska produces one quarter of all the popcorn in the United States every year - an estimated 250 million pounds.
    • Popcorn kernels can pop up to three feet in the air.
    • Popcorn has more protein than any other cereal grain. It also has more iron than eggs, spinach, peanuts or roast beef. It has more fiber than pretzels or potato chips.
    • Popped popcorn comes in two shapes - snowflake or mushroom. Because snowflake shaped popcorn is bigger, movie theaters typically sell that shape.
    • In ancient times, people would make popcorn by heating sand in a fire and then stirring kernels of popcorn in the hot sand.
    • Americans eat more popcorn than any other country. Most of the popcorn eaten around the world is grown in the United States.
    • A kernel of popcorn contains just a small amount of water. When these kernels are heated, the water turns to steam and the kernels pop. Popcorn is different than many other grains because its shell is not water permeable, making it possible for pressure to build up until the kernel finally explodes.
    • Evidence in Peru suggests that popcorn existed as early as 4,700 B.C., making it one of the oldest forms of corn. Peruvians didn't just pop their corn, they also ground it into flour to cook in other ways.
    • Because sugar was strictly rationed during WWII, candy was not plentiful. Consequently, Americans ate three times as much popcorn than usual during this time.
    • American Indians used to believe that spirits peacefully lived inside each popcorn kernel. When the kernels were heated, the spirits would get so angry, their "houses" would shake. When it got too hot, the spirits broke out of their "houses" in an angry burst of steam. (And we ate them. Sorry, spirits!)
    • The oldest ear of popcorn was found in a bat cave in Mexico in 1948. It is believed to be over 5,000 years old. 1,000-year old kernels of popcorn have been found in tombs in Peru. A 1,000-year old popped kernel of popcorn was found in a dry cave in the southwestern part of Utah.
    • Bizarre popcorn flavors include Beer-flavored Pub-corn, Yo-Pop's Butterfinger Crunch popcorn, KukuRuZa's Buffalo Blue Cheese popcorn, Popcorn Palace's Jalapeño popcorn, Jolly Time's Mallow Magic Yummy Marshmallow-Flavor Microwave Popcorn, Popcorn Pavillion's Brown Butter & Sea Salt popcorn, Kernel Encore's Pumpkin popcorn, Popcomopolis' Cupcake popcorn and 479º Popcorn's Black Truffle and White Cheddar popcorn.
    • Un-popped kernels at the bottom of the bowl are called Old Maids.
    • There are six types of maize (pod, sweet, flour, dent, flint and popcorn), but only popcorn - a.k.a. Zea Mays Everta - will pop when heated.
    "The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves."
    - W.C. Fields
    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

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    Yay Popcorn!


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      *pickin' my teeth*
      I'd rather be killed than come to your party, but if you don't invite me, I'll kill myself.






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