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    Seems to me, you see a lot of designs these days (logos, etc.), with a golden ratio spiral overlayed on it. Some people, I'm sure are doing this just to come off as being "deep" or that their designs possess some special, hidden, meaning.

    But what do you think of this idea? Although I'm not debating the golden ratio in theory, what do you all think of its implications in actually designing say, a logo? Are designs more aesthetically pleasing if conscious thought goes into the ratio of the design?

    Interested to hear your thoughts.

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    I'm all for whatever works.
    The golden ratio is just one tool among many.


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      The golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence are mathematical oddities that, when displayed visually as a curve or whatever, are aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, there are thousands of other ways to divide up space, establish proportions and create visual relationships that work just as well and look just as nice.

      As for that little Fibonacci spiral that everyone draws, I've seen it dozens of times, so for me, it's something to generally avoid.

      Of course ratios of various kinds are important to logos and most any other kind of design. Dividing up layouts or other designs into thirds, halves, quarters, etc., creates an orderly arrangement of all the parts. An underlying grid built around various related ratios can turn a chaotic layout into one that's orderly and hangs together as a coherent whole.
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        When I was in school, and the teacher told us about the 'Golden Ratio', i swear all of my designs were based off it somehow. Now, meh... But I can't help having a grid of some kind made, it just helps me organize, ESPECIALLY page layouts. Here's something I did a few months back when I gave selling cars a go. The circles are from automotive design to get proportions of a concept sketch, I just applied it to my logo, which has my initials M & W combined to make a manual shifting pattern.






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