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Career help!! What do your other halves do (job wise)?

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  • Career help!! What do your other halves do (job wise)?

    So my partner has been unhappy in his work pretty much since we met, a couple of years ago he got a new job but it's not much better than the old one, and I can tell he isn't happy.

    The thing is he is a bit shy and reluctant to change, because he knows what he does and he's comfortable - unhappy, but comfortable!

    He's been a delivery driver for most of his working life; I'm trying to get him to take a course of some kind and expand his CV. He has talked about starting his own delivery company but the practicalities/finances aren't great; he also talked a lot about getting his HGV licence when we first met but again this is very expensive and actually he hasn't talked about it for years. I think he's had enough of driving altogether. He isn't incredibly social though so he also doesn't want to be cooped up in an office or on a shop floor for example.

    The main problem is that he has no idea what he wants to do. I've exhausted all my ideas, so thought I would ask you all what your other halves do, and maybe something weird or wonderful might pop up that he would take a chance on!



    Merry Christmas! =)

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    My husband works his main job as a welder. He has always been able to weld, but couldn't get a decent job until we sent him back to school for multiple certifications. On the side he builds motorcycles, makes weapons (knives, daggers, swords, etc.), makes armor, is a blacksmith and a sometimes mechanic.
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      I don't think anything you suggest to your husband is going to make him decide he wants to do it. If he wants change he'll have to do the leg work do achieve it. When he wants change bad enough he'll start making changes. I understand that you want your spouse to be happy but this is something he'll have to do on his own. By pushing him you are inserting stress into his sanctuary, home (that includes your relationship), and you will inevitably frustrate yourself (putting more stress on your relationship). Just a guy's perspective.
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        Don't try and make people change, inspire them to change themselves.


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          First, a lot of people never find their "dream job" or "destiny" or whatever you want to call it and THAT'S OK. It's an American invention that we all have to find our "true calling" or some other similar BS. I think it's part of the reason why so many people are depressed in our culture.

          Second, keming is right, your husband is the only one who can change himself. I've been in a similar situation to yours where my husband was miserable at work for years. What you can do is help him once he decides what to do. For example, my husband wasn't getting interviews with the company he wanted. So, since I'm good at writing resumes, I finally convinced him to let me rewrite it and the cover letter too (well, most of it, he helped too of course). That finally got him the interview he needed and which led to the job and he's finally so much happier.

          For the record, my husband is a tool owner for a nano technology lab. His job is to show the PhDs how to operate the equipment so they can try their theories. My husband never finished college, so he's been very fortunate to have a good job that challenges him without a college degree. (He's the kind of person that has the entire periodic table memorized, but he can't budget his finances or make long term plans. I only mention this to explain why he never finished). I don't necessarily recommend that course of action, it's taken him a couple decades to get to where he is, but I'm glad he's finally found a job he feels good about.


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            Does He have any hobbies or other interest that could be turned into a profession? Or anything he wishes he could do ? Maybe encourage him to take some classes in another field like at first just one per term don't think it all has to be done right now. But learning can be fun. And that could give him the incentive to find something new that he likes to do.






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